Praxis Greece

Who we are!


PRAXIS is a non-governmental and non- profitmaking cultural organisation in Serres . It was founded in 1995 in order to offer a broad spectrum of cultural activities to the town youth and involve them in cultural issues.

Most of the people working for PRAXIS do it voluntarily .

Where is PRAXIS? PRAXIS has its main office with the radio station in the centre of Serres in the town live about 80 000 inhabitants . Because of the Technological Education Institute there is a high number of students living in Serres.
Praxis is located in Serres, capital of the department of Serres,in Northern Greece , not far away from Thessaloniki History Praxis – organisation for young people Founded in 1995 in Serres Mission of Praxis:

– To provide assistance to young people in perfecting their skills, obtaining knowledge and increasing qualification.
– To facilitate integration of young people in the society and support their initiatives

– To provide oportunities for young people to share their opinions and implement joint acitvities with the European youth.
– To ensure the participation of young people in the initiatives of the European Union.
– To promote understanding of European cultural diversity.
– To stimulate greater consolidation in the society and promoting
involvement and participation of all social groups, including
disadvantaged individuals and persons with special needs

Target groups:

-Young people willing to participate in youth exchanges.
-Young people willing to contribute to various initiatives in the local community.
– Young people willing to perform voluntary work.
– Youth organisations.
– Local groups and movements.
– Organisations working in the field of youth activities.
– Other entities and stakeholders of the youth or youth training sector.

Some of our actions: