International Day for Biological Diversity 2008

P.E. PRAXIS will be celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity 2008
This year’s topic: “Biodiversity and Agriculture”
Throughout time human civilizations developed and adapted in different environments, discovering, exploiting and alternating heterogeneous biological resources. Many areas of the planet and their biodiversity character that today seem ‘natural’ have been shaped by the influence of long term human interference (the settlement of human populations, agriculture, cattle / stock raising practices, exploitation and transportation of natural resources etc.)
Biodiversity research distinguishes between four different levels – genes, species, ecosystems and civilizations – that describe and analyze different, albeit interdependent, aspects of live systems.
a-This day began one National foto competition about biodiversity Kerkini lake.
b-PRAXIS will present at the central square of Serres an exhibition about the under- extinction bird lost in Kirkini lake and Chrysaetos, Lutra and Lavandula. All this species belong to the biodiversity of the Prefecture of Serres and many times responsible people have urged local authorities to take measures for the protection of these species.
c- The coordinator Dimitra Tsakirh and two volunteers of PRAXIS, Amir Abdelhalim from Egypt and Cecilia Halldin from Sweden, will present a half an hour long show at the local radio station Rodon FM and will present this year’s campaign on the Internet.
d- Furthermore, they will create a video about the *Kerkini Lake and Biodiversity*, Chrysaetos of Mount Belles, which they will upload on YouTube. In 2003 PRAXIS presented, after the European Union’s invitation, the birds under extinction in Serres, birds that had a long presence in the area. Today in Kerkini Lake has more bird is lost and mount Belles at the borders of Kerkini Wetland we can find only one couple of the Chrysaetos.

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