Youth Exchange in Latvia

Exchange in Latvia August 2010

Nine young people from Greece and thirty six other persons from Spain, Hungary, and Turkey lived and worked together from 2 until 10 of August in Rezekne, Latvia.

They participated in a youth exchange programme called ”Let’s Create Our European Dance”. Each group presented different aspects of its culture through traditional dances and local foods as well.

Furthermore, the participants learned a lot of different kind of dances including Flamenco, Sirtaki etc. Moreover, they managed to create a common European dance after they had spent many hours in performances.

In addition, the members of each group had the opportunity to perform national dances from their countries in city’s festival. The special   moment of whole event it was without any doubt the demonstration of the common European dance.

Personally, I had this big chance not only to visit a beautiful country but also to show my skills. Actually, it was the first time that I took part on an exchange programme which turned to be a great experience for me.

In particular, I met different cultures and I took advantage of my ability to communicate with them speaking a foreign language(English) was very helpful.

The Interaction will at these persons made me a more active individual and my self-confidence got increased.