We made it BIG in Amasya, Turkey


From 04.07.2011. – 11.07.2011. two volunteers from PRAXIS – Benjamin VIENNE & Elina EGLITE participated in a Youth Exchange program “We Are The World For Future” in Amasya, Turkey. Participants from six countries – Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Lituania and Poland – gave their contribution to aid works that can be done by European countries to people or countries that need help.


Call from our EVS mentor in Greece at 9:00am: “Guys, I have good news – would you like to go to Turkey next week to participate in a project “We Are The World For Future””? And everything else was like in a dream – too fast and too good to be true. But we could handle the situation pretty easy – set up a meeting with other Greek participants (Dimitra, Artemis and our team leader Georgios), talked through things what must be done before our arrival to Turkey and discused our added value to the project.

WOW! We were in Turkey and enjoyed every single minute: common breakfast, rides to most beautiful places in Amasya, intercultural nights, common swimming activities, volleyball match, picnic near brilliant green Borabay lake, outdoor games, open roof buss, most unique separating night and last but not least – project activities.


It’s such a great way to meet new people, share experiences, practice different language skills, try out how good you are out of your comfort zone, find out about different culures and eventually – it’s the best, most proactive and most valuable way to spent your free days out of your hometown.


For us it was Amasya in Turkey. What could be your destination? It all can come true, I mean – why not?

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