Youth Exchange Hip Hop Against Racism

We’ll talk about Hip Hop. We’ll talk exactly about the International Youth Exchange “Hip Hop against racism” which took place in Wolmirstedt, Germany from 5th untill 14th of august.

During this nine days, people from Greece, Lithuania, Hungary, Italy and Germany came together to discuss about racism and to learn and perform against it throw hip hop culture.

In these days, more than 25 people came together with an unforgetable experience and so, I’ll tell about the expirience.

Listen here the special broadcast dedicated to it.

Let’s talk about the project, Hip hop against racism. During four days the guys had to prepare a hip hop performance to be shown at Magdeburg at the International Youth Day. It was a challenge but they did it, and it was great. One of the reasons they succeed they were the teachers. Björn was the DJ teacher and he taugh in very few days the guys to scratch, mix and making transitions, that’s why all of us could sing I love my DJ!!! all the time. Main Mou was the rap teacher. This rapper was great cheering up everybody only with a smile or saying jokes. He was supporting the rap workshop. Let’s listen one of his songs. This is Main Moe and DJ Saibz with Ketchup Kids reloaded…

We had a graffiti workshop as well, where the guys in very few days prepared a great banner saying “hip hop against racism” and they left in one side of the wall a space to leave text agains racism. We could read for example. “I hate racism because… the world is too small for stupid people, or I hate racism because diversity is beautiful…
Then we had as well a breakdance and hip hop workshop. Nico, the teacher made a hip hop choreography, and it was really cool. Sergio, from Sicily and Mantvidas, from Lithuania who are b-boys, show their talent doing break dance as well.
Check the results in this video and if you want to join to a Youth Exchange, do no hesitate to visit our Youth Exchange page at Praxis web

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