Project: "♫ (it pronouces myoo-zic)".


The economic crisis of nowadays, precipitated by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, has been a tough test for Europe. This has proven that to overcome it, Europe has to be more united than ever, recalling the pillars on which it was founded: liberty, democracy, equality and respect for human rights.

Therefore, it is necessary that the young people feel like a part of this common identity that integrate, in order to be active citizens in their community. This is the goal of this Youth Exchange, titled ♫ (it pronounces myoo-zik), using music as a main tool through non-formal education.

Music has been a tool of social and policy intervention over the decades, and has accompanied the growth and history of Europe European. Moreover, it is a form of creative expression, that parents and children love. It is through music that ♫ (it pronounces myoo-zik) aims to achieve its objectives by bringing together in Setubal, Portugal, 25 young people from five EU countries (Portugal, France, Estonia, Lithuania and Grecia) to a common program of activities using methods of non-formal education.


19 - 27 April


Setubal (4th biggest city in Portugal, 35km from the capital Lisbon - which is the closest airport; it has beach, mountain and an old historical urban center)


it was supposed to be in the youth hostel of Setubal (in the center, which some of you already know), but meanwhile it closed doors (thank you national crisis). We are dealing with a local hotel, also in the center of the city


In the restaurant Batikanos ( Don't forget to advice me if there are any vegetarians

See you soon

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