AGIT POP. training cource Lorca Spain. 8-16 September

Η νέα περίοδος των ευρωπαϊκών προγραμμάτων της ΠΡΑΞΙΣ ξεκινά.
Το παρακάτω πρόγραμμα στην Ισπανία, αναφέρεται σε νέους πάνω από 18 χρονών.
Όσοι ενδιαφέρεστε να συμμετέχετε στείλτε συμπληρωμένη την αίτηση με τον τίτλο του προγράμματος στο εμαιλ


From Praxis – GREECE (3 participants)
Training course:
The themes treated in the course will be: gender and sex, stereotypes and prejudices, femininity and masculinity on pop culture, romantic love in movies and tv shows, non-heterosexual sexual and emotional orientations, our reality and the reality of our youngsters, new roles creation, and pop culture materials.
This is the starting point of a long journey, all of you are full of motivation and expectations and we’ll do our best for the project to be approved and to improve your and our skills as a youth workers.
We encourage you to keep motivated and active from the beginning till the end of the project (and beyond) and pay special attention to visibility, sharing all the information in your websites if the project is finally approved, to follow-up activities and to evaluation of each step of the project.

Nowadays youngsters hear about gender equality and think about that as a desirable value. However their affective education is lead by comics, mainstream movies and games, which show the same traditional roles and relationships that foster inequality and discrimination. It’s important for a youth worker to know how to deal with these materials and how to take advantages on them to help youngsters creating new models of behavior, friendship, love, and motivate them to develop a social fabric that prevent students from dropping out from school.

Agit-pop is a training course for youth workers, youngsters and actors working with young people. The main goal of this project is to create tools to fight against prejudice and gender stereotypes, to raise awareness about the traps of romantic love, and to encourage tolerance towards different affectivity models through popular culture materials. Through this course we want to raise awareness about the gender roles return to normality and to encourage active, enterprising, and responsible feminine roles; the two main causes of dropping out of school and work are caring after the sick and romantic love, two elements that are strongly related to genre roles and carry on for generations. Economic dependency and the romantic ideal of love are two of the causes of gender-based violence, a scourge that is devastating the whole world.

Cabo Cope and Puntas de Calnegre is a protected area that lies between the towns of Lorca and Águilas in the Region of Murcia, Spain. It was declared a Natural Park by the legislation of the Autonomous Community of Murcia.
One of its features is a series of cliffs and coves making a unique scenery along 17 km of pristine coastline along the Bay of Mazarrón.

In this wonderful place, just 50m from the beach there is “Residencia de Formación Medio Ambiental de Calnegre”, the old Headquarters of the Guardia Civil completely renovated for its suitability as a cozy hostel just 1 minute to the beach. The building consists of two parts – the main one which, after its renovation, is used a hostel and an extension to the main building which is apartments’ area. The building is constructed in an “L” shape and has an outdoor area (public square). The hostel has also got a terrace and sea views.
The participants will be accommodated in quadruple rooms with shared bathrooms. The hostels provides linens but NO TOWELS so don’t forget to take them! There is a Wi-Fi connection in the hostel, however, it doesn’t work very well. The weather in August is usually hot (or very hot :-)) and days are sunny so we also advise you to take the sun glasses, sun cream and a hat!
Puntas de Calnegre is a village, however, there are a few bars here and a shop. There is no public transport to this place and the only possibility to reach it is either by car or taxi.
You can find more information and pictures here:

– Youth workers and trainers
– Youth leaders and students
– Involved actors in the topic

From 8th September (arrival day) to 16th September (departure day).

FILL OUT THE FORM! Deadline till 18 JULY!
answering to the questions:
1).Experience in the youth field
2).Your motivation to participate in this Training Course
3).Your expectations from this Training Course

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