ITALY- 28 August 2014-03 September 2014, in Sabbioneta ITALY – contact making seminar- for 2 youth workers/participants, from PRAXIS

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Contact making event for organizations with a main focus on youngsters under 18 years
of age
Summary of the project
« The “U18” project is a KA1 mobility of youth workers under the Erasmus+ program, revolving
around a Contact Making Event for organizations with a strong focus on youngsters of under 18 years
of age. “U18” aims to ensure the proper environment for building solid partnerships for future youth
projects in Erasmus+, mainly focused on enhancing competencies of youngsters under 18. Encoding
concepts of European citizenship, Inclusion and Youth work, the project has the following objectives:
– to develop strong youth exchanges focused at enhancing competences of under 18 youngsters
– to ensure the proper environment for kick-starting long term partnerships amongst youth
organizations and youth workers
– to provide the adequate setting for sharing experience and ideas of common interest
– to explore common needs and solutions offered by Erasmus+ for youth projects
During the 5 days of activities 22 youth workers, youth leaders and project managers from various
countries(IT, SE, GR, RO, EE, SI, DK, CZ, PT, ES, PL) will be part of a common setting for building
strong partnerships, take part in various workshops, presentations, round-table discussions and
establish grounds for future youth projects of high positive impact on the personal development of
young people.
Based on non formal education tools and methods, participants will undergo a
complete process of identifying potential partners, establishing common grounds for future projects
and add quality to their youth work.
Through this project, establishing a collaboration platform, it is expected to have concrete
partnerships on several Erasmus+ projects focused on youngsters under 18 years of age. But also, on a
long term to create a proper network of organizations active mainly in the under 18 sector.
Having this Contact Making Event at it’s basis, future projects will already have a strong basis for quality
projects with deep impact and correct competences development of’s basis, future
projects will already have a strong basis for quality projects with deep impact and correct
competences development of youngsters.
28 August 2014-03 September 2014.
The activities will take place in city, Sabbioneta-Italy.
PARTICIPANT’S PROFILE (*mandatory for proper management) – 2 (two) persons/partner
· Organization leaders/staff
· Project coordinators
· Other professionals working for or with young people
participation fee 30 euro
Travel costs are based on unit cost and are calculated with the distance calculator provided by the EC. For all
partners, except Slovenian, travel allowance is 275EUR/pers This allowance is allocated regardless of real expenses.
If travel costs are under this allowance,
we’ll reimburse the real cost. In case the travel expenses are superior to the allocation, the participants/partner
will cover those outstanding expenses.
Subsistence, accommodation and activity expenses related with the participation in the CME are100%
covered by the Erasmus+ programme.
● PREPARATION: identification of the participants per partner and support to them in the research
activities and preparation of the trip (flight, pre-departure information,etc.); * it is important to have
members of the key staff present – leaders, project managers etc
● IMPLEMENTATION: participants have to actively participate in all the proposed activities of the
programme; prior to the arrival partners will receive the info pack
● FOLLOW UP: all the partners and participants have to contribute to develop activities of visibility
of the project and dissemination of the project results

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