ROMANIA –Bucharest, 22-26 /11/2015, «Empowering Youth Innovators»
ευρωπαϊκό πρόγραμμα “ERASMUS +” KA2 στo Βουκουρέστι – ΡΟΥΜΑΝΙΑ
Tittle of the project : «Empowering Youth Innovators»
Partner countries Sweden -Romania –Greece

General frame of KA2 project «Empowering Youth Innovators»
Τhe project “Empowering Youth Innovators” is targeted at youth workers and youth leaders who are active in youth initiatives and wish to maximize their impact in their local communities. The main activity includes the conduction of training to youth workers and youth leaders in order to help them increase their skills in designing and delivering a youth project, as well as on properly disseminating its results.
In specific, the proposed project brings together youth professionals in order to train them in:
- Ways in which their organizations can make an impact in their local communities
-How to engage youth in their activities
-How to involve youth with fewer opportunities
-How to build and deliver high quality youth projects
-Use of social and traditional media for dissemination of project results
-ICT skills for dissemination of project results
-How to establish and maintain a network with other European youth NGOs
-Fund-raising for their projects

The project is expected to have a positive influence in the quality of work of the participating NGOs and is also expected to have a spill-over effect with local stakeholders in each participating country.
The results expected include a higher quality of youth projects in the participating organizations, raise in visibility through an amelioration of their dissemination strategy, and also development of ICT skills and increased use of new technology.
Last but not least, the participants are expected to develop a network for future cooperation and develop a pool of ideas for future youth projects.

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