Get out of your comfort zone!

Volunteer: Julia Rakogianni

Mobility Period: 04/04/2018-31/01/2019

Locality: Denmark

Author: Julia Rakogianni

One of the most powerful and well-known phrases that have turned to be viral in recent years! EVS (European Volunteer Services) has given me the stepping stone to enter the UBUNTU house and I am very happy and grateful for it! People used to say they spend time in doing something but I would definitely reframe it by saying investing time by doing something that you haven’t done before! Something that you always wanted or something that you recently realized it! Get out there and dare to jump into your dreams! That’s happened for me in the past 10 months. (My sending organisation is PRAXIS – Greece and my Hosting organisation was CROSSING BORDERS , Copenhagen, Denmark). Months full of new people who turn to be friends and family. Places that smells and looks differently of what I have been used to. Experiences that I couldn’t imagine before but I have it now in my luggage. A knowledge gained by listening and by practicing new ways of living. Throughout those months I worked with people from all over the world to make an event or a school workshop happen. In the events, called “Spisdating” (spiser= eat + date) members and non-members of the organization came and actively participated in the speech that someone was giving. My role in that was to be part of the facilitation team and made sure that everything was going well. In the school services workshops, I was part of the team that prepared and implemented a topic based on the SDGS goals with the teenager students. The outcome was impressive for both sides concerning the knowlegde and experiences we share but also for the feedback we received from the students and teachers. EVS can be described from anyone who has been part of it but I still feel is something missing! The missing part is back at the moment that you were creating memories while you were having fun! EVS is officially ended and somehow is still here. If this phrase makes you feel a little bit confused then is time to challenge yourself and go figure out of what I am talking about! Dare to conquer your fears and live the life you are dreaming! Is never too late ???? Με πολύ αγάπη και ευγνωμοσύνη! Σας φιλώ, Τζούλια????