Dissemination of TC “Education Against Discrimination”

Greek team Theoni Katsitadze Marisa Feto Maria Dolor (Chaido), Antonia Sofianou, Maria Zougra, Εύα Μιχ (Eva Mich) sent by Praxis Greece (Anna Alevra) disseminated the project by organising an event in cooperation with QALA Association of Greek-Azeri Friendship where people got awareness about discrimination issues and erasmus plus project. In the dissemination process,”follow the leader” was been implemented and also other methods that were suggested during “Education Against Discrimination” Training Course (1-9/3/2019) which was organised and facilitated in Serra San Bruno by Passepartout.up and having as a trainer Luca Pinna, in the context of Key Action 1 of erasmus plus.