“Vote for your future “

Praxis members will participate in the Erasmus+ youth exchange project , “Vote for your future “, in Milcoveni, Romania , from 02 – 11 May, 2019.

In 2019 there will be organized European Parliament elections where all member states will decide their MEPs and , according to our partners, the level of information about what happens afterwards in the European Parliament and how the interests of the countries are represented is not clear or even not existent.

Aim of the project: to foster a dialogue between young people for a better understanding of the voting and participation process; to capacitate the participants to organize local campaigns to promote active participation and access to vote for young people to increase the knowledge about European elections;

OVERVIEW The youth exchange will be implemented with the involvement of 50 participants (40 young people and 10 group leaders) from Romania, Estonia, Netherlands, Greece and Spain. During 8 working days, the working methods will be based on non formal education, such as: debates, simulation games, role play activities, dialog with the politicians, World Cafe, team building, intercultural nights, cultural activities and reflections.

WHEN & WHERE? 02 – 11 May, 2019 (includes travel days) Marabu Camp, Milcoveni, Romania

FOR WHOM? Young people aged between 18-30 coming from rural areas and/or having disadvantaged background

youth exchange + europe’s day There will be an 8-long-program, where the participants will take part in sessions in the topic of active participation and voting. On 9th May there will be an event in the university of Resita dedicated to EU day and promotion of EP elections. The participants will contribute to this event with various activities prepared previously in the exchange.