PRAXIS is a partner in “Roll the Dice” Training Course! …. and the game starts!!!

Need 3 youth workers or teachers, working directly with young people,

“Roll the Dice” Training Course

1st part 8-15 July in Slovakia 

2nd part 16-23 October in Spain


Project about gamification – two training courses, one will be for game design and gamification in general and second one specifically for design of educational board games.

Need 3 youth workers or teachers, working directly with young people, so they have the possibility to implement it to their youth work. 

“Roll the Dice” Training Course,

Training Course

8-15 July 2019 | Bratislava, Slovak Republic

The purpose of this project is to motivate youth workers to understand the theories behind and to create and use educational games of high impact as a useful tool in their daily work in their communities.


  • To share methods to identify educational needs of a target group (needs analysis)
  • To analyse games as educational tools
  • To analyse individual learning processes connected with free play, curiosity and mastering
  • Understanding basic emotions in games
  • Raise awareness about gamification as a human behaviour shaper
  • To understand the components of an educational game
  • To develop and design educational games to answer a need of an specific target group
  • To understand the motivational implications that takes place in game based learning
  • To create 5 educational games within the project

This project is composed by 2 training courses that complement each other, so it is important that the selected participants will attend both events.

The participants should also be able to test the prototypes of the educational games with the young people they work with and others, in the period between the first training course


the second (15 July – 16th October),

Collect feedback and other analysis data. This is very important in order to have quality outputs, so It will be taking into account in the selection process.



This Training Course is for 30 participants


from Belgium – FR, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Spain


and recommended for Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Volunteering mentors


Send your interesting   Feel the application


Working language(s): English



Accommodation and food

Accommodation, meals and training material will be provided by the host organisation.

There’s no participation fee from the host organisation, but for your sending organisation 30€ a logistics fee to support their work.

Travel reimbursement

The reimbursement will be made by bank transfer within 2-3 months after the Training Course, only when participants will provide all the necessary documents (both way boarding passes, original tickets/ bookings, following Erasmus+ guidelines and completing Mobility Tool questionnaire).

Participants also understand that they are entitled to receive reimbursement of their travel costs only if they fully participate in the training course.

Training in Slovakia – max travel costs: Greece – 275€

Training in Spain – max travel costs: Greece – 360€



Send your interesting  ask for application/ Feel the application

Deadline for applications : 18/5/2019