Diverse Youth Identities TC in Thessaloniki

A training course about How to work with Gender Identity topic and International Mobility for young People

A European training course with the support of the EU Programme Erasmus+

ID project: 2018-3-EL02-KA105-004665

Thessaloniki- Greece 17-24/06/2019 (travel day included)


The project


The project is addressed to youth organizations who are interested to develop youth workers/leaders competences in the field of Sexual Identity and Gender Expression/Identity to give them proper tools and methods to help young people to adapt with the situation of “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” level in all its aspects.

We seek youth workers who are interested in promoting accessible and inclusive youth work, and who are committed to developing their own practice. The training course will also provide an opportunity to build relationships and to help youth workers to network with youth work practitioners from across Europe.

The objectives make this aim more specific:

       To provide the necessary competences to include a positive approach to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression in youth work practice.

       To explore the specificities and challenges of working with LGBT+ young people in Education settings and European activities.

       To look at the difficulties that LGBT+ young people face and how practitioners can became facilitators for positive change or growth.

       To provide a framework of action and a series of tools to challenge discrimination on the basis of SOGI. “Sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI) is a term used by the BC Human Rights Code to describe an area of prohibited discrimination. It is an inclusive term that encompasses all individuals regardless of where they identify on the sexual orientation or gender identity spectrums, including lesbian, gay, and bisexual.

       To offer a space for inquiry and personal growth of participants.

       To raise awareness and acceptance of LGBTI people across the European Union -To reach citizens, foster diversity and nondiscrimination

       To support key actors responsible to promote and advance equal rights for LGBTI people in the EU

To use Erasmus+ programme as a tool to carry out projects that promote LGBTI Rights, Human Rights and equality


Methods of work

Ø  The course methodology in this training is based on experiential learning and non-formal education, in an atmosphere where participants can learn from each other (peer learning) and feel empowered to share their experiences, and critically examine their practice.

Ø  Some sessions will be worked in small groups and the theoretical topics both in plenary and small group. Spaces for participants to share experiences will be provided in order for the participants to be more actively involved in the course.

Ø Additionally online live interviews, videos, graphic facilitation and storytelling methods, the way of council and open space activities, will support the flow of the Training Course.



Project type:            Erasmus+   Key Action 1. Mobility of Youth Workers. Youth Workers’ Training & Networking

Activities:    Training event for youth workers

Countries involved: The project will comprise 3   participants/country ,  from Greece, UK SCOTLAND , Cyprus , Bulgaria,  Poland , Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Romania and Spain.

Age limit: No age limit (over 18 years old)


Host organization


PRAXIS is a youth non-governmental organization in Serres, in North Greece which has activities in Youth Policy, Media, Migration and Human Rights fields. Itwas founded in 1995 in order to offer a broad spectrum of activities to support the development and empowerment of civil society in Greece. PRAXIS is asending and hosting EVS organisation since 1998.

The work of PRAXIS spans a variety of fields including Active Citizenship, Peace and Reconciliation, Volunteerism, Intercultural dialogue. Works tostrengthen links between different sectors of the society, such as Civil Society Organisations, international NGOs, decision-makers,and media.

The Mediart Blog: http://evs-mediart.weebly.com/blog

                – Praxis Website: https://praxisgreece.com

                – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PraxisSerresGreece/

                – Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/PraxisGreece/

                – Youtube Chanel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZZpA45YnxForS5faNqzOpw?view_as=subscriber

                – Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/praxis.greece/?hl=de

The Mediart Blog: http://evs-mediart.weebly.com/blog  

Facebook group: PRAXIS “Coming together-Bringing down Barriers” https://www.facebook.com/groups/1147546778614964/





Arrival and Departure / Duration:17-24/06/2019 (travel day included)

Duration:7 days + 1 travel days

Implementation of activities (excluding travel days):There will be 7 days of training, networking and peer-learning held from 17-24/6/2019 (included the travel day) in Thessaloniki Greece.





The project will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece and the most important centre of the area. Built near the sea (at the back of the Thermaïkos Gulf), it is amodern metropolis bearing the marks of its stormy history and its cosmopolitan character, which give it a special beauty and charm.

For more info, http://www.discovergreece.com/en/mainland/macedonia/thessaloniki



Venue and Accommodation

The participants will be accommodated at the Hotel Kinissi Palace – Thessaloniki“, a 4 starts hotel located in the heart of Thessaloniki.http://www.kinissipalace.gr/el/

The training will also take place at the hotel. (100% lodging are covered by the programme)


Food  All meals will be provided at Thessaloniki’s restaurants and taverns. (100% lodging food are covered)



Travel costs will be covered based on the unit costs of the program.


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Thessaloniki 17-24 June 2019 Diverse Youth Identities