Nobody chooses from where we come neither the family we have or our economical or social situation. Despite of that, there is something that all human specie has in common: our feelings. For this reason we celebrate and commemorate the huge fight that million of refugee people do each day.

Refugees, who are they?

Victims of War and armed conflicts, threatened and follow by the Islam religion or by their sexual orientation. Women who run away from female genital mutilation, violence and sexual abuse. Most of them have lost their children or even don’t have anything for them to eat. Child soldiers forced to take arms, victims of drug traffickers, sexual slaves or girls involved in forced marriage. They are the amount of 68,5 million people (25,4 million people under age), with horrible stories behind them. All of them with a common thing: they need us, need our help.Refugees are people who fleeing conflict and persecution. Their protection and condition are defined by the international right. They don’t have to be expelled or returned to any situation in where their lives and freedom can take similar risks. Apart from that, there are intern displaced people, who go away from their houses for similar causes as refugee people done but who don’t cross any international border. That’s the main difference between them.The meaning of this day is to support them with their human lives which suffer this unfair situation being innocent people and, furthermore, a solidarity, sensitive and responsible image.

Why this date? 20th of June: WORLD REFUGEE DAY

Refugee people are not immigrants, tourists or travelers. They are human lives who have seen forced to abandon their houses and families because of an excessive violence, a War or a lack of human rights. The armed conflicts, the poverty and underdevelopment are the main reasons why they have seen theirselves forced to go away from their originary villages. The United Nations General Assembly established the NGO “ACNUR” the 14th of December of 1950 with an initial term of 3 years to complete their labour and with a main intention to be dissolved it after that. One year later, the 28th of July, appeared the ‘Status of Refugees’, a legal basis for the refugees help and the main status to govern ACNUR’s work and labour. So ACNUR still work since this Status was created to help all refugees.This volunteering in Greek is making us see the reality of the situation. If they weren’t in a real hostile and unfavorable situation they wouldn’t come here asking for help, they wouldn’t leave their houses and families if they hadn’t the need but they DO NEED an opportunity to improve their life conditions. So please, don’t be insensible and pay attention to them. We could be in the same situation because as we said at the beginning of the article: “Nobody chooses from where we come”.

Little people from little places, making little things... can change the world. Be one of us!

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