“Connectivity”after my “Projecting”


Is well known that Erasmus+ can acquire participants with many hard / soft skills. But what is happening to the ones who is not having the chance to be part of these projects and access to the info? This article describes one of the great values of Erasmus+, sharing. 


After my participation in a training course in Ommen, NL called ‘Projecting’ I came back knowing a little bit more of how to organize and manage Projects.  Of course I needed to share all this excitement and there was no better opportunity by giving a presentation in Praxis office. The event published on social media and among with the long term European Solidarity Corps Volunteers, refuges from the local camp came too. 


Through the workshop we have the chance to analyze the basic steps of project management and explore our motives and reasons behind our ideas. Methodologies such as 5W’s and learning outcomes used on spot with examples of attendants ideas. Due to the expirienced audience many questions came up and we had a great discussion for possible future projects and how can we implement these tools beyond the Erasmus field. 


At the end, it is great to see how a simple training course,  far away from your city, can have these great results and multiplying its impact just by sharing with young people who are ready to make the next step.