Connectivity goes in a wetland

Specific actions have been undertaken in the context of implementation of the World Wetlands Day on February 2nd of 2021. Specifically, in order more people to be informed about the significance of our already existed wetlands and their preservation, Praxis organization together with the participants of Connectivity project and some volunteers visited the wetland of Kerkini Lake. The reason was about to clean a part of the waterside, and do a workshop there regarding the ways we can all cooperate, ameliorate and protect those sources combining a non-formal type of education so as to learn about the ecosystem by experience.

This event took place in the countryside as KA2 project «Connectivity» recommends, in Kerkini Lake in the Northwest section of the district of Serres. The representatives of Praxis in this forenamed project, in collaboration with the Lake Kerkini Management Authority and the significant help of volunteers, manage to clean up 1000 meters of the lake’s waterside and be informed about the perspectives and provisions of National Park. Meanwhile, through this procedure we had the opportunity to be more familiarized with the communication as far as police and some other local authorities concerned, because due to covid-19 period we should have special permission in order to organize and implement our activities. Moreover, it was quite challenging for us to appeal new participants’ interest, much more because the social circumstances don’t facilitate us, so we became more innovative. 

The most important was that we achieved simultaneously to help nature, motivate people be more active and energetic, learn about ecosystem and how we can protect and help it multiplies. The thing that counts most is the collective work we did for the environment at first and then for us personally. We were filled with satisfaction about the total result, happiness about the outdoor activity which brings us closer and pleasure because we gained more knowledge, made a substantial impact by raising awareness and managed to implement smoothly our plans.













Special  thanks to Lucila  Piedra Harris  (Praxis’  volunteer) for the concession of her photographs.


Article wrote by Georgia Tsiaousi