“Managing different generations” in Turkey


?Erasmus+ in Turkey?
Youth Exchange
Where: Antalya, Turkey
Who: 5 participants [(4 participants 18 – 29years old & 1 leader 18+)]
When: 26/7-3/8/21
Tittle: “Managing different generations”
Application deadline: 22/6/21 at 12:15 pm

A few words about the project:
With our project, we will be able to raise individual and social awareness in order to prevent radicalization of migrant young people who have conflicts within the family and in social life, to increase the feelings of social hatred and hatred, and to ensure social inclusion.
Project objectives:
strengthening the relationship between the family and empathetic understanding of migrant youth, increasing the awareness of the youth and the public about the unrest caused by the conflict in the family and society,
implementation of local public partnerships to ensure the social integration of young people,
education of young people by means of official institutions and NGOs through their attendance to formal education and non-formal education institutions,
supporting the economic independence of young people through their participation in employment.

We can list the effects of our project on the participants.
participants are able to accurately analyze the gender conflicts and justifications experienced by migrant youth,
participants recognize new cultures, geographies, peer circles,
participants improve their personal development and knowledge level,
participants gain awareness of EU culture and values, participants will have active social participants and responsibilities,
participants know the characteristics of the built-in culture and develop their behavior accordingly, participants show respect for their traditional culture and empathy towards their living culture, participants are tolerant of different cultures, colors, thoughts,
participants will understand the role of language and religion in generation conflicts and develop their competence in these issues.

Language: English

Covered 100% bed and board and travel expenses up to 275 euros according to Erasmus+ rules. 100%
You will receive Youthpass.

Contribution to Praxis: 20euros.

Fill the application:

Wish you luck!!! 

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