“People are not strange, if you are not” in Turkey


?Erasmus+ in Turkey?
Youth Exchange
Where: Antalya, Turkey
Who: 5 participants [(4 participants 18 – 29years old & 1 leader 18+)]
When: 7 – 15/7/21
Tittle: “People are not strange, if you are not”
Application deadline: 18/6/21 at 12:15 pm

Project objectives:
Increasing global migration movements create legal and social problems. It has had to live outside of its homeland where millions of people have been born and grown up due to armed conflicts, natural catastrophes, economic reasons and political reasons, especially in the Middle East, Central Asia and East African countries. According to the statistics given by the United Nations, the number of immigrants is close to 250 million. Especially the European Union countries have become the centers of attraction for the citizens of other countries. As a result of the progress they have made, the European Union countries have become role models not only in economical, social and political, but also in democratic fields. Thanks to the development process they have made, the European Union has been exposed to immigrates from other countries. According to the “International Migration Outlook 2017” report of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Developments- OECD, the number of immigrants in European countries has reached 124 million. (http://gocvakfi.org/oecd-2017- goc-raporu-yayinlandi/)
The European Commission is working to develop partnerships with member countries to reduce the social and economic exclusion of immigrants. In this sense, the European Union carries out programs just like Erasmus +, supporting immigrants to get better and quality education and to enter the labor market. We, as an immigrant association, wanted to create social awareness to solve problems such as “the dissolution of the families of immigration, the breakdown of social ties, the influx of labor markets, labor migration, brain drain, education and professional development, discrimination, participation, religious and cultural conflicts.” Because we are in the need of resolving those kind of problems as an immigrant association. These are problems we also have to deal with.
Project Aim :
By solving the problems of migrants, it aims to ensure the full integration of the country’s norms and EU citizenship, culture. Thus, equal citizens and education, social, cultural, economic, artistic, etc. İs considered. value added production in areas. Migrants and the public will also be able to social inclusion of migrants through increased knowledge and skills development. Immigrants who will eliminate their disadvantages will raise the standard of living and become role models for future generations.

Language: English

Covered 100% bed and board and travel expenses up to 275 euros according to Erasmus+ rules. 100%
You will receive Youthpass.

Contribution to Praxis: 20euros.

Fill the application:

Wish you luck!!! 

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