“25 Years UNFCCC – New generation Speak Up” in Cyprus

Tittle:  “25 Years UNFCCC – New generation Speak Up”

Where: Agros, Cyprus

Who: 10 participants (9 participants 18-30 & 1 group leader 18+)

When: 25/8 – 2/9/8/21
Participation fee (Cyprus): 40euro
The leader should participate also at the APV☞dates : 06-08 August 2021Application deadline: 3/8/21 at 13:15
Selection: 3/8/21 (afternoon)☞https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSfxcw5KVl1…/viewform…
The specific objectives of the project are to
  • create awareness in regards to the current environmental challenges and explore interconnectivity of those challenges with other topics on a global level (i.e. health, migration, economy);
  • explore the topic of youth participation and ways of attracting young people to actively participate on a local level;
  • build youth capacity to work more effectively with young people on the topics of eco-related actions and sustainable ways of living;
  • explore environmental educational methods and equip participants with non-formal learning tools addressing the topics; share experience, methods and practices;
  • promote Erasmus + as a tool for active youth involvement and participation;
  • sensitize relevant stakeholders on the significance of environmental challenges on all levels.
  • The described above objectives will be met by using the principles of non-formal and informal learning and also by creating a safe, sharing and creative environment.
  • The aim is to raise awareness about environmental issues and explore the possibilities to act toward sustainable living culture. It is a project aimed to develop among young participants from 5 different countries the importance of being in direct contact of nature to:
  • Develop healthy lifestyle for themselves thanks to open-air activities
  • Develop an eco-way of thinking and eco-habits, useful to create a better daily life and to start to think their own green entrepreneurship future thanks to meeting with experts, role games, workshops, discussions, debates about topics as ecology, generation awake, recycling, environment, sustainable development and giving a big importance to topics as green economy and eco-citizenship and taking part in volunteering actions
  • Preserve the environmental resources as primary source of health of the Earth and to preserve our future.

Language: English

Covered 100% bed and board and travel expenses up to 275 euros according to Erasmus+ rules. 100%

You will receive Youthpass.


Contribution to Praxis: 20euros

Fill the application:


Good luck!



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