“Online Media Presence: Let’s fight hate speech and discrimination” in Bulgaria

Erasmus+ in Bulgaria






Tittle: “Online Media Presence: Let’s fight hate speech and discrimination ”
Where: Obzor, Bulgaria
Who: 6 participants (5 part. 18 – 30 & 1 group leader 18+)
When: 8-18/9/21
Application deadline: 28/8/21 at 13:15

Project’s goal:

One of the most important and most present things in our lives nowadays is media, especially social media. Our big aim is to create a safe environment for the youngsters in the YE to broaden their knowledge on the different types of social media, how to create attractive content, how to surf safely, how fight online hate speech, which we would like to stress the most as a huge problem of society.


  • To enhance participants’ key media competencies
  • To enrich their knowledge on media and the processes of creating effective media messages
  • To raise awareness on participants’ knowledge on media hate speech resources
  • To improve their competences on creating campaignes with different media tools
  •  To improve their teamwork skills etc.
    Language: English

Covered 100% bed and board and travel expenses up to 180 euros according to Erasmus+ rules. 100%
You will receive Youthpass.

Contribution to Praxis: 20euros.


Please fill the application:

Good luck!

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