Training course in Spain for Greeks and residents in Greece!

Tittle: “21st Century Entrepreneurship”
When: 19 – 28/10/21
Where: Gandía Spain
Who: 3 participants
(age 18+, Youth workers, NGO activists, volunteers, students, youngsters looking for the first job, youngsters planning to start their own business)


The labour market is always evolving and changing in a competitive cycle. The problem appears when this cycle becomes closed or hard to access. Youth are usually the victims of it, as an employer usually needs someone with experience. But where can such experience come for a recent graduate?!
The Training Course "21st Century Entrepreneurs" will gather 25 youth workers and young leaders from different organizations based in EU and EEA/Schengen countries (Iceland, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria and Lithuania) with the aim to tackle the issue of Youth Unemployment through creating cross-border partnerships across Europe.
The aims of the TC will be to tackle the youth unemployment problem, inform, motivate and enable youth workers from different organizations based in different parts of Europe to work on the topic in their countries, as well as equip them with experience, knowledge and skills which are needed in order to work with young unemployed people and easily involve them in the labor market.

- share experiences of best practices on youth unemployment in participant countries and exchange useful information,
- develop the quality of support systems for youth activities and capability of youth organizations to create new partnerships,
- acquire knowledge about possibilities of cooperation on unemployment issues across Europe,
- reflect on the unemployment situation of youth in Europe,
- train youth workers and develop their skills and knowledge in this field,
- encourage the creation of future projects within the Erasmus+ Programme, which will target unemployed youngsters.
- Number of participants per organization: 3
- Profile: Youth workers, NGO activists, volunteers
- Or: Students, youngsters looking for the first job, youngsters planning to start their own business;
- Participants motivated for the topic of entrepreneurship
- Participants open to multicultural dialogue
- Ready to take part and fully engage in the whole training course
- Have organizational support for further activities within ERASMUS+;
- Able to communicate in the English language.
NOTE! Please try to take care of the gender balance of the groups!

Language: English

Covered 100% bed and board and travel expenses up to 360 euros according to Erasmus+ rules. 100%
You will receive Youthpass.

Contribution to Praxis: 20 euros

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