“Be Your Boss” in Budapest

Between the 9th and 15th of September, Christos, Dimitris, Ivana, Myrto and Stefanos, selected from the Greek Non-Governmental Organization PRAXIS, travelled to Budapest, Hungary for the edifying Youth Exchange “Be Your Boss”, hosted by the MeOut Foundation. Geared towards nowadays employment reality, the project was conducive to the development of the entrepreneurial skills amongst youth. The participants developed amongst others their communication, analytical, critical thinking, time management and selling skills. They broaden their minds and got a better understanding of the employment reality around Europe. Enriched with an experience from which they’ve been impacted in different ways, the group returned back home and shared their thoughts in the following paragraphs.


My travel experience to Budapest has been absolutely great, and the most important part of my trip was definitely the connection I had with the team! Great communication, fun experiences and most of all we all understood how to it can be fun to learn about a country with a team.


The application for this program appeared in front of me in the perfect timing, as I will soon meet the challenges of the labor market after my graduation. It was definitely not short of the amount and quality of knowledge I expected it to offer and the whole learning experience was enriched by the intercultural contact, the sharing of human experience and the wonderful urban landscape of Budapest. Long story short, don’t miss this chance and apply for this program as soon as possible!


Through the Erasmus+ project “Be Your Boss” I managed to dive deeper into the topic of entrepreneurship and acquire knowledge and skills useful for my professional development. One of the activities aimed at developing our selling skills was the paperclip trade, where we were prompted to trade a single paperclip with the highest valued item possible, a process both fun and constructive. Apart from that and the rest of the pleasurable activities, I spent a week in the picturesque city of Budapest with youth from around the Europe, exchanged ideas, views, got motivated and learned more about the world.


The program “Be your boss” offered me the opportunity to reflect on my entrepreneurship skills. Moreover, I have discovered some very interesting challenges such as the “Paperclip challenge” that for me it was one of the highlights. I am very glad that I met young people from all over Europe and found out about the reality in the home countries in terms of unemployment and entrepreneurship!


“Be your Boss” project in Budapest was a really unique experience. It was my first time with Erasmus+ and this experience made me want to participate in other project too. I met people from other countries, which gave me the chance to learn new elements of different cultures and also make new friends. Furthermore, the topic of the project was very interesting and related to the route I would like to follow, and it was combined with many exciting activities.


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