“EMPOWERING THE POVERTY-entreprenurship and business opportunities in poor and disadvantaged areas” in Romania

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Tittle: “EMPOWERING THE POVERTY-entreprenurship and business opportunities in poor and disadvantaged areas”
When: 19 – 28/10/21
Where: Sarata Monteoru and Buzau, Romania
Who: 6 participants [17-25 years old + 1 group leader without age limit (2 part. with fewer opportunities)

Description of project :

the project includes 42 participants (35 young people and 7 group leaders) from Bulgaria,Croatia,Greece,Italy,Latvia,Spain,Romania.
The present project aims to contribute to increasing the quality of life of young people with the potential for entrepreneurship of 17-24 year olds who live in disadvantaged areas with fewer opportunities (unemployed, poverty, isolation). The small percentage of young people’s entrepreneurial initiatives in these areas doubled by high unemployment and lack of job / business opportunities along with the lack of the necessary entrepreneurial skills are the main needs of the young people from the communities involved.

The aim of the project:

To strengthen the competences for business and entrepreneurship for young people from disadvantaged areas.

  • strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit for 35 youngsters 17-24 year old and 7 group leaders from 7 countries for 8 days in order to raise awareness of the business opportunities in the disadvantaged areas of origin
  • acquiring 35 young people from 17-24 years and 7 group leaders from 7 countries for 8 days of new entrepreneurial skills for developing business ideas specific to disadvantaged areas
    3. increasing the attractiveness of young people in poverty and unemployment in 7 partner communities by developing, promoting and applying in 2022 some “start up” businesses based on 7 models of business plans created by 42 participants in the 8 days mobility.

The methodology will be based on non-formal education and will consist in games ,presentations, role plays and simulations, entrepreneurial education, workshops, visits, intercultural evenings.

The proposed activities are research and documentation in the preparation phase in order to have an image on the situation of youth entrepreneurship in disadvantaged areas and to identify successful business solutions.
In mobility are provided activities of socialization, of “team building” and understanding of cultural diversity necessary for a good entrepreneur in disadvantaged areas.
The central part of the mobility will be a large workshop, START UP provided in 7 stages in 7 mixed teams for the creation and development of 7 start-up business plans applicable in the communities of origin of the participants. The basic methods are the education and the entrepreneurial creation of a business plan, but at each moment other additional methods appear (expert presentations and interactive dialogue, brainstorming, SWOT analysis, simulation, role play, storytelling, interview, poster, media creation and video)

The main final products of the workshops undergoing dissemination will promote business opportunities and stimulate entrepreneurship in disadvantaged areas:

  • 5 posters made in A1 about the situation of entrepreneurship in each area / country, photos and a brief description being included in the magazine
  • 7 business plans “start up” for disadvantaged areas realized in the main workshop START UP and collected by a team of voluntary participants to be included in the magazine until December 1st
  • promotional materials and 7 business promotion videos from the START UP workshop that will be assembled in a video montage
  • “Empowering the poverty” magazine, which will also include information on entrepreneurship education, the conclusions of the A4-A6 workshops on competences, of workshop 3 on the factors that influence the entrepreneurship and the necessary interventions, the synthesis of visits to the entrepreneurs from Berca and Nehoiu, photos from activities, testimonies of participants.

Venue of the project:  Pension Casa Cu Tei

Language: English

Covered 100% bed and board and travel expenses up to 275 euros according to Erasmus+ rules. 100%

You will receive Youthpass.

Contribution to Praxis: 20 euros

Please fill the application:

Before filling the application form please check your trip rules!
Since for traveling in Romania, at the moment, you need certificate of vaccination or proof of recovery.


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