“The power of storytelling” in Estonia

When: 02-10/12/2021
Where: Haapsalu, Estonia
Who: 2 participants


Project Summary

The Power of Story Telling is a training course that aims at making youth workers and trainers aware of the many and various uses of the non-formal educational methods of storytelling and shows them how it can be used to work with young people / volunteers / youth leaders. Particularly the competences gained will help them addressing the topics of online hate speeches.


  • To analyze the increased impact that stories (and media) have on phenomena such as “hate speech”, intolerance and open racism. We will discuss the new needs for awareness, ethics and knowledge that come with the social media and digital era.
  • To explore the concept of “transformational storytelling”: using storytelling as an innovative tool to address change and personal development.
  • To identify, understand and practice key elements and skills for storytelling, and explore their potential benefits for learning and employability.
  • To inspire and share good practices of how to use storytelling in non-formal education and in youth work.


  • youth leaders/workers
  • youth trainers/workers who are actively working with young people as a
    professional or on the voluntary basis
  • youth project coordinators
  • aged 18+ without any upper limit


  • Participation fee 30 euros per participant
  • lodging and programme costs will be provided and paid 100% by grant from the Estonian Erasmus+ National Agency.
  • travel costs are covered (275,00 euros per person)

Language: English

Before filling the application form please check your trip rules!

Please fill the application: https://forms.gle/F3VEaqQqoNVa2cxy7

Good luck!

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