YE in Romania '' Virtual is Genial''

Youth Exchange in Romania for Greeks and residents in Greece!

Where: Romania, Sărata Monteoru–Buzau
When: 8-17 November 2021
Who: 5 participants + 1 group leader



The aim of the project is to increase the entrepreneurial potential of unemployed
young people and NEET for initiating and developing online business plans.
There will be 6 workshops for thematic introduction to entrepreneurship and
presentation of the basic key skills needed for a good online entrepreneur.



1. Strengthening the creative and entrepreneurial spirit for unemployed young people
and NEET from 7 countries for starting online business.
2. The development for unemployed young people and NEETs aged 18-24 from of
new personal, digital and entrepreneurial skills for starting an online business.
3. Increasing for 42 participants from 7 countries the capacity to capitalize on
innovative entrepreneurial ideas by building and implementing online business plans.



- 5 youngsters, 18-25 years old
- 4 participants from every group should be UNEMPLOYED or NEET
- 1 group leader, no age limit
- One person per country can be over 25 but till 29.
- One person who is not a native citizen can be accepted from the sending country under the condition to have legal residence and not to be ESC volunteer or Erasmus exchange student.



- Accommodation and food expenses are covered
- Travel costs: 275 euros per participant
Language: English

You will receive Youthpass Certificate and the Group Leaders will get specific Certificates!

Before filling the application form please check your trip rules!

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Wish you luck!!!