“Virtual is Genial” in Romania

Youth Exchange in Romania for Greeks and residents in Greece!

Where: Romania, Sărata Monteoru–Buzau
When: 8-17 November 2021
Who: 5 participants + 1 group leader


Project Summary

The aim of the project is to increase the entrepreneurial potential of unemployed
young people and NEET for initiating and developing online business plans.
There will be 6 workshops for thematic introduction to entrepreneurship and
presentation of the basic key skills needed for a good online entrepreneur.

Main Objectives

  • Strengthenng the creative and entrepreneurial spirit for unemployed young people
    and NEET from 7 countries for starting online business.
  • The development for unemployed young people and NEETs aged 18-24 from of
    new personal, digital and entrepreneurial skills for starting an online business.
  • Increasing for 42 participants from 7 countries the capacity to capitalize on
    innovative entrepreneurial ideas by building and implementing online business plans.

Participants Profile

  • 5 youngsters, 18-25 years old
  • 4 participants from every group should be UNEMPLOYED or NEET
  • 1 group leader, no age limit
  • One person per country can be over 25 but till 29.
  • One person who is not a native citizen can be accepted from the sending country under the condition to have legal residence and not to be ESC volunteer or Erasmus exchange student.


  • Accommodation and food expenses are covered
  • Travel costs: 275 euros per participant

Language: English

You will receive Youthpass Certificate and the Group Leaders will get specific Certificates!

Before filling the application form please check your trip rules!


Please fill the application: https://forms.gle/F3VEaqQqoNVa2cxy7

Good luck!

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