Youth Exchange in Turkey-There in No Other World YE for Greeks and Greek residents

Title: There is No Other World
Where: Turkey, Istanbul
When: 21-28/11/2021
Who: 5+1 participants

Istanbul views from Helicopter. Galata tower in İstanbul.


The aim of the project is:
-To draw attention to damaged water resources and environment by the empty agricultural pesticide boxes
- To prevent contamination of our freshwater resources with empty pesticide boxes due to unconsciousness or technical insufficiencies
-To create a clean environment for future generations, clean water resources and a sustainable agricultural policy
-Raise awareness among the farmers and the people in these issues


- Participant must be interested and have background in topic of the project
-Participant must be ready to be fully involved in the project dissemination activities during and after the project
-Participant must be ready to fulfill a pre-departure TASK if there will be such sending return tickets and boarding passes both by email (photo of return tickets and boarding passes) and post to the organizer address.
- Making news about the Project outputs and publishing it in a web site or facebook group orany page or media and sending links to us.
-Participants must have citizenship of the partner country which they come from or they must have a residence permit of the country.
-Age limits: for participants (18-29 ) / for Group leaders (No age limit)

There is no participation fee!


-Accommodation and food expenses are covered by the host organization
-Travel expenses will be reimbursed up to 275,00 euros

Before filling the application form please check your trip rules!

Please fill the application:

Wish you luck!!!