“Design Your Impact” in Netherlands

TC in Ommen, Netherlands-“Design Your Impact” 15-25 October 2021

PRAXIS cooperat with Cherry International Foundation.

The name Cherry derives from the word cherish, which means “care and hold on something dear”. That is exactly how we feel about every project we organize: protect/hold/care about it!

The aim is to promote international events throughout Europe and when possible all over the world, involving youngsters with fewer opportunities,

mainly those from rural areas. The vision is to give people the chance to discover their potential in order to create a better world.

Ioanna and Katiana who sent by PRAXIS to this TC write their about their experiences

Karpouza Ioanna

I was always hearing the best about Olde Vechte from my friends and colleagues, so when PRAXIS gave me the chance to attend a Training Course there, I just had to grab it. As a youth worker I must say that DYI really helped me develop, not only as a facilitator but as a person as well.

It gave me the chance to work with people from all over Europe and also learn from them and their experiences. We learnt, we worked, we created and of course we had fun and all these while in a truly beautiful environment in Ommen!

But the most important thing is that during the program I met some awesome people that I didn’t just connect and become good friends with, but with whom I worked and cooperated better than I do with people I’ve known all my life. I created memories I will cherish for ever.

I can’t wait for the next adventure!

DYI Project

Katianna Gkaravella

Let’s Get to the point! The whole project framed the types of communication, interaction, group management and project preparation. All topics were clear from the first day, as participants set our personal goals about our improvement during those days.

Moreover the schedule was full of exercises and workshops which included no-verbal and verbal communication tricks and tips. Project’s facilitators were so different but also the interaction between them was great, both of them represented their topics in their personal way, they were full of positive energy,creativity and a good sense of humor but at the same time professionals and on point every time during the project. Further the workshops had a consistency and variety, I loved the way of using experiential learning because it was easier for me to understand and participate actively.

Another detail I would like to mention is the need for feedback, so that gave us the opportunity as participants to interact better with them, secondly made me realize my needs and have an overview of each day. Another mention includes the time management of the entire workshop, the timetable was clear every day without gaps between them.

As a participant my overall view about the project is full, after this trip I’m embraced by productivity and creativity, the participants and the trainers helped me to network with them and clear my goals and my next moves, thank you!

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