A Training Course in Gandia, Spain 19-28 October 2021

My participation in the training course “21st century Entrepreneurs” had a huge impact on me. It was the first training program I ever attended, and my first Erasmus+ program in general. It was an eye-opening experience for me, that made me more confident, as well as I gained more will and motivation to work hard for my future. Since I am a person that constantly seeks for new knowledge, likes to discover new things and wants to improve myself, I found that the Erasmus+ experience is one of a kind, and everybody should try it.In my opinion, the program encourages every individual to step out of their comfort zone and broaden their horizons.

The program took place in Gandia, Spain from 19/10/2021 until 28/10/2021. The days before the trip, mrs. Alevra Anna, from the Praxis organization, was helping me with the trip preparations, the ticket reservations. Also, she provided me with additional information about the program and was standby for any trouble I faced. So the experience I had with the organization was absolutely amazing, and I was feeling very sure and confident for the trip thanks to Praxis, and mrs.Alevra.

The participants were from various countries: Greece, Iceland, Lithuania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, United Kingdom, Italy and Columbia. It was interesting to interact with so many different cultures and compare their experiences with mine on many topics related to businesses, employment, and jobs (unemployment, job interviews, salaries etc.), as well as ways of living and civilization generally. Additionally, the instructors guided us through every stage of starting a business. We were divided in groups randomly and we worked together with our teammates as if we were to start a business (economic plan, interviews for employees, plans in case of failure or economic disrupt, evaluation etc.).

By working with people of a totally different background than mine, gave me the opportunity to become more respective towards others’ opinion, their personality, and their boundaries. This was important to me, every single person is different and thus, sometimes it is more than needed to understand the needs and the perspectives of your coworkers. Thus, the program really provided me with all the needed supplies for me to weather start my own business, or to pursue my ideal career.

I had the time of my life meeting all these new people, and it is one of the best experiences I had so far. I cannot wait for my next one!

Thank you, Praxis, for giving me the opportunity to experience all that,
Eleni Chronopoulou.

I’m truly glad I had the opportunity to be part of the training course «21st Century Entrepreneurs». Being a very shy and introverted person, it was undoubtedly a challenge for me to overcome my fears and be with many unknown people, for nine days. Those people really inspired me and made it easier for me to embrace myself and gain confidence in my abilities and skills. Having the ambitious dream of starting my own business within the next years, I was really lost in the process and I did not know where to start from.
With the guidance of the trainers, I now know every single step -and its importance- on how to start my own business (business plan, SMARTER goals, evaluation, risk plans, scenarios in case of failure, disrupt or even crisis like COVID). Also, except for the valuable things I learned from the trainers the participants provided me with many interesting information and point of views. Each day was filled with interesting, innovative, and productive activities and workshops, that were specifically designed and adjusted to the group needs. I think it was crucial the fact that we were divided into smaller groups to cooperate with everybody and interact with many different personalities, that were risen in very different cultures (Greece, Iceland, Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia, Croatia, Colombia, Bulgaria). I gained the experience of transforming a vague dream into a very specific and attainable goal. Furthermore, I met so many special people that I will never forget.

All the above-mentioned could not have been done, without the organization “Praxis” and mrs. Anna Alevra. She gave us all the needed information, and guided us through each step for the trip, to be totally prepared. She was all the time more than willing to help us in case of any trouble or to answer any questions we were facing. So, I really want to thank the organization for the opportunity, and mrs. Alevra personally. It’s an experience I will never forget, and I am really looking forward for the next one!

Kyriaki Moraiti