”Digital and Media literacy for active citizenship”in Italy

Title: Digital and Media literacy for active citizenship

Where: Italy, Palermo

When: 23-28/11/2021

Who: 3 participants


Project Summary

  • Sharing experiences related both to the “desocialising” aspects of the Internet and devices for mobile connection, and to the opportunities that digital communication and online communication tools offer in terms of information and communication and in terms of stimulus and participation support
  • Promoting cooperation and the exchange of good practices and experiences between different subjects who are engaged on the subject of media and digital literacy and education with a critical approach
  • Contributing to a path of general dissemination of media literacy as a fundamental tool for the promotion of active citizenship, especially among young people and with an active role played by youth organizations with their own peculiarities and their own capacity for involvement through non-education formal
  • Developing new activities, new tools and new shared projects on the subject of media literacy and education

Participants will have the opportunity to acquire:

  • Specific technical knowledge (for example the role of algorithmic media, the role of algorithms outside of media, the psychological mechanisms that determine dependence on technology, etc.)
  • Share reflections on the link between young people, media and some social phenomena (for example cyber bullying, FOMO and so on)


  • Aged 18+ • youth workers, educators, teachers, young activists with specific interest, experience and expertise on media education and media literacy issues
  • Members of the sending organisation (staff members or volunteers/activists) with knowledge on its activities and methodologies on media education and literacy in order to actively contribute to the sessions
  • Willing to act as multipliers in their sending context and to carry out/plan follow-up activities on the topics together with their sending organisation once they are back in their country.

Language: English

Before filling the application form please check your trip rules!

Please fill the application: https://forms.gle/F3VEaqQqoNVa2cxy7

Good luck!!!

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