“Connectivity” in Greece

In the frame of the Connectivity project, Praxis held one multiplier event
consisting of two parts.

The first part of the event was a workshop that took place in the 2 nd Public
School of Serres, on 12 th November 2021 with 120 students around the age of
17 attended. The workshop included a presentation about the Erasmus+
projects and the Connectivity project, which was carried out by the volunteers
of the organization and the participants of the training course.

First of all, the main goal of the presentation was to spread awareness and
inform High School students about the Erasmus+ projects and their
importance. It was pointed out that these programmes are very beneficial and
offer a wide range of opportunities to those who decide to participate. We
aimed at motivating the students to not only research the Erasmus+ projects,
but also consider and even participate in one of them in the future.
Through having conversations with the volunteers, and “Connectivity”
project participants who are living examples of people who gained positive
experiences and evolved by participating in projects, the students had the
possibility to understand the meaning of getting involved in them and in
voluntarism in general. Also, after the workshop the students will become
more receptive to innovative ideas and get educated about the tools they can
use in their activities in the future.

The second part of the multiplier event took place in the center of Serres on
17 th of November at 12.00 pm. until 14.00 pm in front of the local Government
building and 220 people from the local community attended. It was an outdoor
activity carried out by 18 members of PRAXIS, the 2 participants of the
“Connectivity” project and in collaboration with the “UNESCO club of Serres”,
“garagErasmus” Foundation, the Second Public School of Serres and other
local NGOs.
The main objective of this event was to inform even more people in defferent
ages (from teen agers to retired people) about the Connectivity project and
Erasmus+ projects and make public the primary content and goals of the
training course.  During the activity, we showed to the locals who attended the
already existing work that has been done in the previous training courses. By
using the methods of non-formal education, we created a pleasant and fun
quiz, in which the fundamentals of the project were included. The attendants
were asked questions about Connectivity and when the quiz was over, they
would find out the right answer and they had to express their opinion about
the project and have an open conversation.

Besides informing the youth about the Connectivity and Erasmus+ projects in
general, we tried to disseminate and spread the word regarding these
programs. In order to do that, we created and distributed leaflets that depicted
the main goals of Connectivity and the benefits that can be earned by being a

part of it. We discussed with the locals how a project can help in gaining skills
that will raise employability and also, provide the knowledge on how to
facilitate and organize activities, even without the appropriate equipment.
The primary goal of this outdoor activity was to create an experiential event
that would highlight the possibilities and opportunities that these programs
offer. On account of that, we attempted to motivate an older member of Praxis
(Anastasia Malamoglou), who is also the Greek Ambassador of the Erasmus+
projects, to organize with us this activity and also, prepare a presentation that
would describe her own experience with these projects.
In collaboration with Anastasia and organization “garagErasmus
Foundation”, we emphasized the significance of the Erasmus+ projects,
Connectivity and Training Courses in general. Therefore, the impact that this
event had was bigger, since we tried to connect the theoretical aspect of the
project with the practical aspect, which is the actual participation in a program.
During this activity, we focused on creating a positive impact and motivating
young people to be more active.
It was a multidimensional event, since a series of workshops took place in one
day. We had a variety of target groups, since our goal was to disseminate and
promote the Erasmus+ Projects and Connectivity. We wanted to make people
wonder about the project and encourage them to learn more about not only
how to be a part of these projects, but also how to use the tools and
knowledge the projects provide in order to create a greater impact in our



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