Title: GREENday (Youth Entrepreneurship Environmental Start-Ups)


Where: Estonia, Viljandi

Who: 4 participants

If you want to create your own start-up and become an entrepreneur, then this is the Training Course you should participate!

However, this Training Course differs from others since it is a strategic project. The participants after joining in this Training Course, will have to also be a part of the other two seminars that will take place in Italy and Greece during 2022.


GREENday-Youth Entrepreneurship Environmental Start-Ups is a 26-month project aiming to tackle multiple challenges that the youth face today. The main goals of the project are:

- To foster attitudes and competences of young people to create their own Green Start-up enterprises, following through their realization

- To create local and international support network around the young people’s green businesses ideas that foster implementation

- To create a pilot project that will be easy to budget free create local replications and multiplication of the activities, with usability of the tools we created

- To digitalize tools and tailor them around the target group to allow reusability and sustainability for the long-term perspectives

- To foster a new entrepreneurial culture among young people, which fosters environmental responsibility and sustainability


- 4 participants from each country

- There is no participation fee

- The participants need to be actively involved in this project

- Share ideas about starting their own Start-up

- The participants have to participate in the next Training Courses that will take place in Italy (02-06/06/2022) and Greece (12-19/10/2022)

- The participants with the support and help of their trainers will be able to start their own Start-up


- Accommodation is covered

- Traveling costs are covered (360,00 euros)

Language: English

Before filling the application form please check your trip rules!



Please fill the application:https://forms.gle/F3VEaqQqoNVa2cxy7

Wish you luck!!!