“There is no other world” in Instanbul

“There is no other world”

Training Course

Instanbul, Turkey



As I am getting used to everyday life again i’m realising how beneficial this program was for me. I felt that since i was there but its more intense now. The information and the experiences we took in were so interesting and it taught me so many new things about the environmental problem. But for me the most important thing was that we were able to communicate with new people from different countries, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds and share all these new experiences all together. We were able to learn so many things about each other and in my head the program made me realise that we’re so much more alike than we believe. Young people should participate more often in programs like this as they broaden ones horizons in so many matters. But also meeting new people, making new international friends and socialising is always fun and these kind of programs are the best setting for that!!

Christina Litsa

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