”The Power of Storytelling”

It’s a never-ending story. How strange could sound this as a beginning? Well, it is true that this project generously offered us many motivations in different fields. It all started as a fairytale… like the location which was a snowy place, in a forest, near to the sea, the accommodation in small wooden cottages and the narratives began.


From the first day we started to define the term of Storytelling and see the uses of this non-formal educational tool and get familiarized by writing different types of texts. Also, we talked about Public Speaking and we practiced various techniques in order to test how good public speakers could be and by that we understood the mistakes we can avoid so that we will be more effective. The whole friendly atmosphere in the group both with the trainers and the participants, helped to create a nice environment where everyone could speak openly about his/her personal experiences.


One of the most remarkable activities was “The hero’s journey”, where all of us we had to do an internal search for a whole day crossing from the known world to unknown through different ways and paths. It was such a difficult situation but too interesting at the same time because with this method we could realize the point that we truly were at that time and find our own hero with his/her story, so as to be able to delve into other stories afterwards. The whole training course had pretty strong moments and notable sessions which helped us to express freely our thoughts and ideas with our trainers’ support. Moreover, we gained more knowledge on storytelling patterns and practices that we can use while we are creating a story and how we can form it.


For sure, a really nice activity was the moment where we played various board games which were related to the theme of our training and we saw how common it is in everydays’ things. At last, we also had the opportunity to exchange more ideas about how we can proceed on this project and ways to collaborate more. For me it was an unforgettable experience which I would like to repeat. This training boosted me to get more involved in projects with similar thematology, be more confident and active in creating similar activities and realize the importance and the power of Storytelling in different dimensions.

Georgia Tsiaousi


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