When: 04/05/2022-11/05/2022

Where: Italy, Pignola

Who: 6 participants


Main Objectives

The main goals of the projects are:

  • To share knowledge about the protection of the environment, reducing the level of pollution made by ourselves, with a specific target “Recycle”.
  • To analyze the phenomena of pollution in the world and the main objectives that the EU wants to reach to make a more sustainable world.
  • To show to the local community how to use recycling knowledge to a better future. To develop a new sense among young people on how to keep recycling a game and a resource to live in a sustainable community.
  • The participants will hold workshops on working with plastic, tetra pack boxes, pet bottles, paper, etc..

Costs and accommodation

  • Τhe youth exchange will take place in a hostel in Pignola. Participants will be accommodated in international rooms, gender divided. Lunch and dinner will be served in the local restaurant's breakfast and it will be arranged in the common room of the hostel. Travel costs for the meeting will be reimbursed when invoices, e-tickets, boarding passes, payment confirmation and other tickets are delivered/given to the host Association Inclusion Go according to Erasmus + rules (275,00 euro per person)


Please fill in the application: https://forms.gle/FcGKdYRg8yZMinof9