Youth Exchange in The Netherlands, Ommen - “Just Arrange It”

When: 28/04/2022-09/05/2022

Where: Ommen, The Netherlands

Who: 6 participants


Through this exchange we will dive deeper into the concepts of entrepreneurship and social impact, while focusing on developing communication, cooperation and initiative taking skills, and doing many dynamic and challenging activities.

In this exchange, you will discover social entrepreneurship by working together with an international group. During the activities different working methods will be used, such as outdoor games, cooking activities, video making,simulations and/or theater.


-What is social entrepreneurship and what can I do with it?
-How can I put my ideas into practice?
-How can I organize an activity in my surroundings?
-How can I be more proactive?


-Food, travel and accommodation costs are covered by the Erasmus+ program.
-Participation fee of 50,00 euros
-Travel costs you will receive 275,00 euros
- The exchange will be held in the group accommodation Olde Vechte

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Wish you luck!