Connectivity (3rd training)


One word with so many meanings behind it.
When I first heard about the program I was really excited but also really anxious because it was going to be my first training meeting.


The title of the program is Connectivity and the subject is about how we can train a facilitator to be a better one. Before going to the program with the other members of the Greek team we had some preparation meetings and I was feeling very overwhelmed about all the information that I was receiving about the previous training meetings and the things that had developed and mentioned.


I couldn’t wait to go in Ommen and live these experience in person. During the seven days of the program I had the biggest challenge which was to confront myself. I’ve noticed a lot of good and bad qualities on my character but also I’ve passed through a tough learning process. The people that I’ve met made me realize more about the different types of characters and also about the different types of facilitators that can be existed.


These whole program was a process of observation and of realization about what qualities I want to have as a facilitator and as a leading figure. I feel really lucky that I had these experience and also because I’ve met some people who with their own personalities, characteristics and actions changed my point of view. I’m looking forward to meet with all of them again and to finish these training course with more knowledge.

Anastasia Lioliou





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