“Healthy Y-EU-oth” in Cyprus


“Healthy Y-EU-oth” is a project realized under ERASMUS+ youth that will deal with topics related to healthy life style, sports, physical activity, healthy eating, living and acting, in accordance to social inclusion practices. Through non-formal education methods, such as creative sessions, discussions, debriefing, participant-led workshops, simulation games, video-shooting, reflection groups, evaluation sessions, the project aims to:

  • explore the concept of healthy lifestyle
  • discuss current issues related to nutrition and sports through sharing good practises and experiences related to prevention of diseases caused by lack of exercise and poor eating habits
  • provide participants with theoretical and practical opportunities to improve their physical and health competences
  • foster youngsters to become peer educators and to create a network to work as multipliers for healthy lifestyle
  • promote non-formal education and Erasmus+ as a support tool for health education

Result: participants’ capacities will be strengthen in order to live healthier themselves and show others why healthy lifestyle is desirable and achievable for others as well. Project will also support cooperation of youth organizations to work on healthy lifestyle topic in accordance with social inclusion practices. To achieve desired impact in our local and more global level we will disseminate project results by bringing them to the attention of a broader audience, outside the immediate project group including peers living around us, family members, friends, our local communities, our friends and partner organizations from Europe and all over the world. To allow participants to use skills and knowledge in practice, they will develop creative and grass-root project ideas and this way they will be acting as multipliers in their communities. Partner organization will ensure sustainability of follow up results, the project will also contribute to improved international communication and cooperation, raise quality of international projects and activities in the framework of Erasmus

Who: 10 participants between 18-30 years old + 2 group leaders with no age limit.
Participants should be responsible youngsters with an interest in the topic and be willing to learn and be motivated to share experiences with others. They should also be able to work in English since the working language of this Project will be English.


When: 24 June – 02 July 2022

Participant countries: UK, Greece, Romania, Cyprus and Hungary

ALL participants must travel from their home country to Cyprus.

Where: Pervolia -Cyprus

Participants will be lodged in Journalistic village in Pervolia. The accomodation is fully equipped with activity room, kitchen and Wifi Internet. The venue consists of small flats with 1 or 2 bedrooms. In each flat will sleep 3-5 persons, gender separate. You only need to bring stuff for your personal cleaning (shampoo, shower gels, soap etc).

Address: Makarios avenue 9, Journalistic Village, Pervolia 7560 Cyprus


all expenses are covered by the project:

  • accommodation,
  • food
  • travel costs up to 275 euro

The travel expenses will be will be covered by the organizers with the support of ERASMUS+ programme. In order to receive this money for transportation, please keep ALL original invoices, tickets, boarding-passes or any other transport document. The money will be reimbursed after submitting all the original documents via bank transfer, upon completion of the Mobility Tool+ by group leaders. Please note that Ercan is an airport in the Northern part of Cyprus, which is occupied by Turkey, and it is
considered to be an illegal airport, not belonging to the Republic of Cyprus. Therefore, the European Union cannot cover travel expenses between any country and that airport. So When you arrive in Larnaca or in Paphos airport, we will arrange a bus to pick you up from there and bring you to Pervolia village.If you want you can come to Cyprus 1-2 days earlier or leave 1-2 later after the end of the project or on APV. Of course you have to cover this extra cost for accommodation and food by your own.
There will be an additional participation fee of 20 euros to cover for extra costs and 2-day trips to other cities of Cyprus and other organizational costs.

European health card: it is the participant’s responsibility to have a travel health insurance or a European Health Card. The European Health Card is accepted in every country within the European Union, can be obtained for free and is valid for 1 year.

We encourage participants to be an active part of this project, embracing responsibility and
enjoy the cultural side of this experience! And now, pack your bags, fill your heads with ideas and come meet us in Cyprus. Together we can make a change!
We hope that you find the Project worth participating in and we look forward to meeting you on June 2022!

Please fill the form here: https://forms.gle/7dnkEUwA4ua2q7ar8
Good luck!

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