“LISTENING: enhancing presence and dialogue in youth work” in Austria

Title: “LISTENING: enhancing presence and dialogue in youth work”

When: from June 29th to July 7th of 2022

Where: Strengberg, Austria

Who: 3 GREEK participants or RESIDENTS in GREECE.



Description of the Training Course:

An 8-day-lasting international training course on listening to enhance presence and dialogue in youth work. Throughout eight days we will look at different aspects and levels of listening practically applying skills in group activities, individual reflections and envisioning how listening skills may better our own youth work and community work as well as affect the ability to communicate clearly, empathically and kindly in global movements for a betterment of humanity.

It is very important to point out that the venue is a farm that is usually used for youth camps, and not a hotel! Participants will share rooms with bunk beds with several persons, and everything is at a very basic level! Do not come if you expect luxury, vacation and comfort, it will be a very rural and intensive group living experience!


Main objectives:

  • To enhance youth workers’ skills to listen effectively, actively and empathically as well as be able to have constructive conversations, ability to receive and give feedback as well as stay present for the stories, feelings and emotions that youth workers encounter in their day to day work.
  • This course will offer you a deep dive in the topic of listening, letting you experience multiple practices that let you become more aware of yourself and others, practice tools of effective listening, and learn empathy language that helps you to look at your own feelings and needs.


Costs and Accommodation:

  • All costs for food, accommodation, local transport and course material will be covered through the funding provided by the ERASMUS+. International travel from Greece to Austria will be covered up to 275 euros.
  • The training course will take place in an old farm in Strengberg, a small village 150 km away from Vienna, situated in a beautiful hilly region next to the Danube called Mostvierte. Feel free to browse more pictures from the venue here: https://tinyurl.com/ybczfh3n
  • A participation fee of EUR 50 is required from each participant to be paid in cash in Austria. Also, please keep in mind you are in charge of arranging your own insurance for your travel and stay in Austria and that the potential costs outside of the period evening June 29th – morning July 7th have to be borne by yourself and are not covered by the organisers.


If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply here by the 15th of June: https://forms.gle/7dnkEUwA4ua2q7ar8

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