Memories from some of the participants:

It is June 24th, slowly but surely, we all start to gather at the venue. Some earlier in the day and some late at night. That is when we first meet each other and observe our surroundings. The venue consists of the restaurant and the conference as well as colorful small apartments across a small street. Right on the seaside and the beach. A week full of cultures, learning and fun is about to begin. 50 participants from five different countries: Scotland, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Hungary. The theme is "Healthy Y-EU-th" consisting of talks around physical health and nutrition as much as mental health. Each country is responsible for two workshops during this week. For Greece the workshops are: "What can I change to become more healthy" and "Active youth vs Internet addiction". Of course, we cannot forget the intercultural evenings. Presentations, quizzes, games, songs, dances and food representing each place. Last but not least, we have to include the two day-trips that took place on Tuesday and Thursday in Nicosia and Larnaca respectively. Eight days in Cyprus, eight days full of fun, memories and learning. An experience everyone should try at least once in their lives. A great chance to make friends abroad

- Gerasimi-Stamatia Nasothymiou


First of all, I would like to stress out that this project changed my mind set about how to perceive a healthy lifestyle and how to implement healthy habits in my daily routine. I was given a unique opportunity to interact with young people from other countries, to debate on their practices and personal habits, to exchange ideas and adjust in a completely new environment. I would definitely recommend to young people to participate in these kinds of projects in order to break their boundaries and restrains that hold them back. Taking part in such a project changes your mind, your character and your overall thinking in a way that you have never expected in the first place. Last but not least, I have to thank PRAXIS organization that made this possible and included me in this project. All in all, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget!

- Evi Ioannidou


It was an amazing experience. I met new people from different countries with different cultures. I had a fantastic time with them and lots of laughs. I made new friendships and good moments.
I socialized and got out of my comfort zone. In my opinion, young people like me should participate in Erasmus programs. At first, you learning yourself better. Afterward, your self-confidence and the way you see yourself rises. All in all, you leave with unique memories, friends and a better version of yourself.

- Eleftheria Alevra


This youth exchange was a really nice experience. We stayed in Pervolia, Cyprus for around a week at the end of June. We meet people from Scotland, Romania, Hungary and Cyprus. The sharing of ideas between the cultures was amazing. I learn a lot about other people's habits, traditions and the way of seeing things from a different point of view. We also traveled through Cyprus so I had the opportunity to learn many new information about the country. Moreover, I learned a lot about healthy lifestyle through workshops and activities with participants from other countries. I realize that healthy lifestyle is not only connected to physical activities but also to a person's mentally and strength to form habits. The most interesting part though was to learn more things about LGBTQ+ community. People shared their stories and the social barriers they faced due to their sexual orientation. It was a whole new idea and I realize the social pressure that some people might face especially in the field of sports. As for my role as a leader I felt that it was way different that being a participant and I have positive experience for the whole procedure. Generally, the venue was great, the food was great, the project was good and the organizers were always there to help with things that were coming up. I would really suggest to someone who had never experience Erasmus projects before to step out of their routine and expand their border with a whole new lifetime experience that they will probably never going to regret.

- Drosoula Karta


Being introduced to the Erasmus+ community and participating in this particular project in Cyprus was in reality one of the best desicions in my life as it enriched not only me, but the other participants as well with an unforgettable experience. It helped me see things more objectively and become more tolerant towards cultures and their customs,making me capable of thinking out of the box. Needless to say that I've build up friendships with people from different social and cultural backgrounds, friendships that we're all willing to maintain. I've had the time of my life, while also gaining general knowledge especially concerning health related matters. I even got the chance to meet the locals and really feel their heartwarming energy.
I strongly believe that youngsters should participate in such projects, as it raises awareness about European common values and fundamental rights,while also providing an accessible, ground-breaking way to engage in intercultural learning. Mingling with people of different cultural communities gives them an international perspective and they shouldn't miss the opportunity to live this adventure and feel the charm of travelling abroad in a different cultural and social context because of the fear of leaving their comfort zone and making the first step. While it may be daunting at first, it is only a matter of time before one actually realise the various benefits stemming from these programs, and when it will happen, they'll have the time of their life. We should travel while we're young and able. Have our mind blown, eat some interesting food, meet interesting people, have an adventure, be careful. Come back and we're going to see our own country differently. Music, culture, food, water. We're going to get a sense of what globalization looks and feels like. We're going to see that global climate change is very real. And so there are lessons that we can't get out of a book that are waiting for us at the end of that flight. We, young people, should not only be tourists, but explore other countries and become part of them. I want my mind to be in constant awe of life on earth. I want to see things with new eyes. I want to look at a map and be able to remember how I was transformed by the places I've been to the things I've seen and the people I've met. I want to come home and realise that I have not come home whole but have left a piece of my heart in each place I've been. This, I think, is what all youngsters want. That's why I'm not doing it alone. That's the very reason why I'm participating in such projects. That's why Erasmus+ is so important. This, I believe, is what is at the heart of Adventure.

- Sotiria Arampatzi


For me this was my first time participating in an Erasmus+ program and i have to say that i had a great time. The program also helped me in different ways and i achieved a lot through it. First of all, i got to visit Nicosia and Larnaca , two beautiful cities in Cyprus , where the project was held, i made a lot of new friends from different countries, learned about their history and traditions and their language. Besides all these, the project also helped me improve on a personal level. Through it i learned that socializing and meeting new people is not that difficult and that you shouldn't let your fears hold you back from experiencing something new and out of your comfort zone. Also, i gained a lot of knowledge about health and mental health. Lastly, l highly recommend these type of programs to young people, because they get to experience a lot of things through them, learn about different topics and improve as a person.

- Chara Manolitsa


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My name is Anna Poultidou and I have participated in the Healthy Y-EU-OTH project that took place in Cyprus and I would like to inform you about my personal experience of the project. It was a very nice experience and I had a great time. The activities were very interesting and useful for building a friendly atmosphere. I really enjoyed the sightseeing and the visits of the museums. This experience helped me to broaden my horizons and to gain more knowledge related to our subject. Knowledge that will help me build a better and healthier life and that I can also spread to my friends and family. The information that I collected are pretty useful for my professional improvement too because it's related to what I am going to study .It also helped me improve my English knowledge and my personality because I had conversations with people with different mindsets and I had to be more outgoing and social. I also learned more things about the lifestyle in other countries through my communication with people that were coming from these countries and especially about the lifestyle in Cyprus. Last but not least i would like to recommend to young people to take part in projects like this so they can become more active and productive ,gain more knowledge and improve themselves.

- Anna Poultidou


Hello, My name is Sofia Kirali and I have participated in the Healthy Y-EU-OTH project in Cyprus and I would like to inform you about my experience. To begin with, this project had a great impact in my life as I have learned many new things about health and fitness that I would like to follow up in my daily life in order to become a better version of myself. I have gained the power to develop my lifestyle in a positive way. Furthermore, I had a lot of fun meeting all these people from different countries. It was really fun communicating and learning interesting things about them and about their culture.Friendship is something universal in human nature and it's a wonderful thing to know you have friends beyond the borders of your country. Lastly, I could say that I have broaden my horizons by seeing these beautiful places in Cyprus. I was impressed by the museums, the sights and of course I loved the beaches there. Cyprus is a lovely place to visit for your holidays. I suggest you to participate in these kind of projects as soon as you can because you have the opportunity to gain so much for your personal growth.

- Σοφια Kirali


Now that the “Healthy Y-EU-oth” exchange program has run its course, I believe that it is time to look back and think about everything that I learned. At first, I will admit that I was unsure of whether everything would go according to plan, starting from us, the participants, getting to know and feel comfortable with each other. That being said thanks to different ice-breaking and team-building games, that was not a problem at all. That, allowed everyone to be fully active and engaged in the workshops that followed.
The aim of the project was to exchange knowledge and learn more about what a healthy lifestyle, from both a physical and a mental point of view, looks like and how we could make ours look more like it. That aim was fulfilled using different non-formal ways of learning. Through different workshops, we were challenged to work as teams and on many occasions find creative ways to showcase what we came up with. Apart from the numerous interesting and fun workshops prepared, 2 of the days included trips to Larnaca, and Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, where we had free time to roam around and explore. In conclusion, the whole project was truly an eye-opening experience for me. The amount of valuable knowledge I got surrounding the project’s topic, as well as how much I learned about other cultures through the cultural nights and interacting with different people, makes me really glad to have had this opportunity. That, as well as the countless close relationships I formed with people from all participating countries (Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Hungary, and Scotland), is why as I was coming back to Greece, I could confidently say that this had been one of the most interesting experiences of my life, and why projects like this are worth participating in.



I am very glad for joining the project.I learned many things I didn't know about nutrition and how to have a healthy lifestyle. Also I learned about the importance of changing some of my habits and replacing them with new healthier ones. Besides the learning part ,I feel like I also had some personal growth, because I got to share time with people from many different countries and with many different personalities and perspectives. That maybe me able to see more things from a wider perspective than I used to. I feel I got close with all the participants and I would gladly see them again.



This youth exchange program was an amazing experience. Our stay took place in Pervolia, Cyprus for almost one week during 27 of June- 02 of July 2022. The participants were from Scotland, Romania, Greece, Hungary and Cyprus. During this week I learned so many things especially about other’s culture, traditions and as I met different people I realized that every first thought about them was wrong. We were informed about healthy lifestyle thanks to the activities and how mental health is related to that and affect it. The most interesting part in my opinion was meeting and talking with people from LGBTQ+ community. They made me feel so comfortable with them through sharing their own stories and the social barriers. Moreover, we had a really great time exploring two other cities of Cyprus, Larnaca and Nicosia, as we had the opportunity to learn more about the country. It was an unforgettable life experience as I realized that discrimination and racism still exist, without society helping to eliminate them. In general, everything was quite nice (the accommodation, the food). The whole project was great and the organizers were really helpful with everything we need. I would really suggest it for sure to someone who had never been to an Erasmus project before in order to expand his horizons, his knowledge and to gain new experiences who will be aware of it for the rest of his life.

- Konstantina Papa


All of the Erasmus plus projects have a purpose. This one's was to teach the young people of Europe how to live healthier, to make better habits, live a more quality life etc. I learned a lot from this program that i will transfer to my subordinates in life and that way change the world eventually. I met many new people and found out more about the other cultures while having fun at the same time. In my opinion this is the best way to learn something. It's very important for these programs to exist for our society to get better with time in many social aspects.