Street Peers project

I had the opportunity to participate in the “Street Peers” project, which was located in Cagliari in Sardinia on 13-20 of June. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience not only for me, but for the whole group also. During the project we took part in a lot of interesting activities. I really enjoyed ice breaking activities, which were intended to bring participants from different countries in touch. All of the activities were assumed to be in groups, which consisted of people from different countries. This helped to
learn each other, to communicate with each other and it promoted social inclusion. Also, there were operations to get knowledge about other countries and cultures, such as intercultural night, where all on the nine countries participated, had to doa mini presentation of their country. Some countries brought food, other drinks and others showed us how their traditional dances are.

The project promoted social inclusion and intercultural dialogue through street art and street games. More specifically, there were 4 different workshops; one that taught linocut, one about basketball (street game), one about street dance and one about music production. These workshops were really interesting and completely educational. I am grateful to have had this unique and amazing experience. I was
most impressed by how close we came with people from different countries and cultures and by the fact that we were able to have an excellent cooperation. It was truly an unforgettable experience and I feel like I have gained a huge investment of knowledge and experience. I am grateful to be
chosen as one of the participants and I thank PRAXIS for giving me this opportunity.

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