Dimitris is a greek volunteer participating in an European Solidarity Corps project in Estonia since January 2022…

All Erasmus+ programs are valuable, but through Solidarity Corps and volunteering, in general, we see ourselves from another perspective, beyond the objectification due to capitalism, which characterizes people in the modern world.

So, I am volunteering since January 2022, in Tallinn, Estonia, [Project title: Heart Matters with the organization “AS HOOLEKANDTEENUSED – MUSTAMÄE HOME” ], in a house inhabited by 24 people with special needs.

For six hours every day, together with the other employees of the organization, we organize and implement daily activities such as exercise, walking among the trees, painting, crafts, etc.

I also help the workers and inmates of the facility with whatever they need, such as cooking lunch or accompanying them to a doctor’s appointment.

And if you ask me what I have achieved so far through this program: I made new friends, visited places I probably wouldn’t have visited otherwise, learn Estonian, improve my skills every day, strengthen the sense of European identity for me and my partners and I offer it to people who need it.

There are many different European Solidarity Corps programs, so you can choose the one that suits you best.  I think it would be good for all young europeans to live this experience.

I highly recommend it!

Dimitris Karagiannidis