▪️ When: 27.08.2022-04.09.2022

▪️ Where: Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia

▪️ Who: 5 participants from Greece or current residents of Greece






▪️  Main objectives:

- Create a portfolio with new innovative methods of social inclusion of refugees and migrants, with particular emphasis on terms: discrimination, stereotypes, intercultural learning, and exclusion

- Understand the specificity and importance of culture, its directions, its approach and the complexity of the intercultural environment as well as its challenges: misunderstandings, conflicts, "false debates", tensions

- Provide participants with the tools they need to work on the issue with migrants and refugees, through an in depth understanding of the logic of non-formal education

- Give emphasis placed on disadvantaged and excluded groups of migrants and refugees

- Raising awareness among youth workers about the specificity and complexity of facilitation during intercultural meetings and training

- Strengthening the competences of youth workers in the context of planning and implementing effective learning activities at the international level

- Exploring the different dimensions of culture and how they are linked to intercultural learning and test and qualitative evaluation of the developed tools on various groups of excluded youth


▪️  Accommodation and costs:

- Travel costs are covered up to 275.00 euros
- Accommodation (Rekreačné stredisko Bojnice - Nad zámkom) will be provided
- Meals will be provided


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