“Greentopia” in Portugal

Title: “Greentopia”

Where: Ferreira do Zezere, Portugal

When: 14th – 25th September

Who: 2-3 participants from Greece or current residents of Greece (between 18-30 years old)

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We are looking for enthusiastic participants for a real-life immersive simulation program where we will build a society from scratch in 10 days. The participants will be required to leave their phones, wallets, and any technology upon arrival (with a possibility get to them during the week, but preferably not). The participants will be challenged to get out of their comfort zones, in groups and individually, and discuss important issues and challenges of our society today (e.g. human rights, inclusion and solidarity, politics, environmental, economic and social sustainability).

More detailed information can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13IlHVJSL3zo4KsbntG81IyKndbM0Br-z/view

Costs + Accommodation

  • No participation fee.
  • All travel expenses (up to 275 euros for participants coming from Greece)
  • Accommodation and food will be supported by the project budget.

Please apply here (deadline for applications: 11/7/2022): 


Good luck!

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