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When: 22-30.09.2022

Where: Pervolia, Larnaka, Cyprus.

Who: 2-3 participants from Greece or current residents of Greece.



The overall goal of the project is to develop communication skills for social inclusion. The operational objectives are to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the problem of effective communication for social inclusion, to increase the youth workers’ skills by experimenting methods, techniques, types of activities in order to build effective communication skills for social inclusion; to develop a proactive attitude and behavior towards effective communication for social inclusion through the design and implementation of an awareness campaign and a teenage education programme. 


The aim is supported by the following objectives: 

-to facilitate involvement of 32 youth workers from Program countries in the whole cycle of the project and ensure insure the feeling of ownership towards the project for 6 months 

-to raise knowledge of 32 youth workers in the topics social exclusion and discrimination and develop skills to address those issues through youth work 

- to provide participants with practical tools and methods to ensure inclusiveness of youth work and avoiding unwillingly discrimination 

- to raise awareness on participants about their selves and their roles as youth workers linked with discrimination in the social exclusion context 

- to empower participants to take action to reduce discrimination in their own lives and in society by sharing methods, tools and instruments to be incorporated in a methodology for approaching youth in fighting against social exclusion 

- to ensure participants pass through all stages of experiential learning and reflect of the learning outcomes through 8 Key Competencies model 

The participants will gain the professional competences needed to increase the quality of youth work through the acquired creative space, the experiential learning methods and participative approach. 



Costs and Accommodation:


According to Erasmus+ rules:


-Accommodation and catering is covered

-Travel costs (up to 275.00 euros) and are covered

-There is a participation fee of 20 EURO



If interested, please apply here:

Due to the large number of applications we receive, we will contact only those who have selected.


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