“Greentopia” in Portugal


Youth Exchange

14th – 25th September

Ferreira do Zezere, Portugal

This Erasmus project was far my favorite one.
The programme was really interesting and efficient in ways that made us think deeper about society in general but more specifically about privilege, cooperation and solidarity.
The sessions scheduled were made to puzzle us and get us out of comfort zone but also to build trust between the citizens of Greentopia.
After the hardships our society went through, we managed to build it our own and grow even stronger together.
Overall, it was a truly unique experience and the relationships we built with each other were amazing!

Martha Vounatsi

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My hobby is to create clothes for myself but for selling in my circle of people I have created a brand with the name FONT URGE.
For this purpose I have made an  Ιnstagram account  where I share my designs and to inform about my actions. After participating in the Greentopia project in Portugal, I felt so motivated and started to take action immediately. So, I returned to my home town and I started cleaning up my house, I realized that I had a lot of clothes that I wasn’t wearing anymore and I was looking for companies that pick clothes for reusing.
I couldn’t find any, so I thought that I could repurpose my clothes. I made a new pillow and filled it with cut fabric, and a purse from an old velvet skirt. I thought that other people probably will deal with the same problem and I decided to start a motivation with sharing information about the pollution that the fast fashion is costing and about the idea of repurposing their clothes. I started sharing pictures and selling new creations from old clothes and urge others to change any clothes, in order to reduce the fast fashion but still be in fashion! You can check the following link of my account and… see you there! https://instagram.com/font.urge?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Eva Roussou



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