“The taste of Grasse” in France

“The taste of Grasse”

Grasse, France

It was my first time that I participated in a Study visit project like the “Curae” in Grasse, France. I have to say that it was  really interesting and definitely different kind of others erasmus programs, that I has been participating in.

The day that we arrived in Grasse, we learned  “what is the Curae?” and after we played same ice breaking games,we said small facts about ourselves and also our fears or goals for this project.

This programme was for only 2 days. So, the official first day we went in a specially designed space filled with paintings and ceramic works. For two hours, we drawing our empty plates with colors and a part of our personalities.For me, it was really satisfying because I expressed my feelings 100% with a different way. In the afternoon, of the same day we saw the preparation of olives before  become olive oli,soap etc. Also something new for me.

At the second and last day, we visited the perfume museum. We learned so many informations and details  about the history of perfumes.We smelled so different flavors of aroma and flowers as well. Moreover, we made ours perfumes with our personal style and scent.For the closing of that day, we played a mystery and hide& seek game in groups, where we had to find some things in everywhere in Grass city. Last but not least, I want to thank my organization, Praxis, for the opportunity to live this unique experience and to see better what two hands can make.

Eleftheria Alevra

Grasse,the world’s perfume capital and the basis of my four-day CURAE project representing Greece via Praxis organization. This fragrance capital of France became my ‘happy place’ in a journey that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

A journey in which I not only learnt how to support and enhance craftsmanship heritage,either by decorating handmade clay dishes or visiting a conventional olive mill,but also share my work and ideas with amazing people who each carries a different story. It really was a journey filled with sunshine,history and artistic atmosphere!

Sotiria Arampatzi

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