“Together with Migrants” in Romania

Title: “Together with Migrants”

Where: La Padure, Caras – Severin, Romania

When: 31.10.2022 – 08.11.2022

Who: 9 participants from Praxis Greece or residents of Greece.

(Young people aged between 18-25 years old)

The youth exchange will be implemented with the attendance of 45 participants from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Greece and Estonia



  1. Be aware of the migration crisis and the phenomenon of hate speech which is affecting in Europe.
  2. To take concrete actions against hate speech and defamation of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.
  3. To have the opportunity to implement numerous skills and knowledge related to the project theme as well as on an individual personal level.
  4. Discover the various paths and routes that migrants had to face in order to reach the European coasts.

Costs and accommodation:

According to Erasmus + rules:

  • Transfer cover is 50 € for Timisoara
  • Limit per participants is 180 € (Please have in mind that from the total amount LOCAL TRAVEL of grant/participant we will cover the transfers from Timisoara 50 euro)

If interested, please fill in the application:

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