“Entrepreneurship Project” in Lithuania

“Entrepreneurship Project”

Youth Exchange

August 16-24

Telšiai, Lithuania


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Entrepreneurship is necessary for every member of society if he wants to work and earn. An entrepreneurial person looks for opportunities and exploits them, takes the initiative to change the situation, takes responsibility and measured risks, and is guided by common sense. Young people from Latvia, Greece, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Lithuania during the youth exchange project “Entrepreneurship” not only developed their entrepreneurial skills, but also looked for solutions to emerging problems. The project took place in 2022. August 16-24 Telšiai, Lithuania.

The week started by introducing the young people to the purpose of the project and future activities. At the same time, the Erasmus+ program and its possibilities were presented, and the benefits of Youthpass were discussed. Of course, no project can do without getting to know the participants, so the first day was spent playing various name and get-to-know games, forming teams and looking for common values. Participants expressed their expectations, fears and apprehensions. Also, everyone thought about how they can be useful to the project, what experience and knowledge they can share with others.



In the following days, the situation of youth and people with disabilities in the field of employment and employment opportunities were studied. The national teams presented the experiences of their countries so that all participants could get an idea of the problems or good experiences of other countries and how they could contribute to changing the situation in the field of employment.

Project participants also had the opportunity to visit the municipality of Telšiai, where they learned more about the city of Telšiai, its management, organized activities, the situation of the disabled in the labour market, start-up opportunities and other issues of employment and involvement in the labour market. The chief specialist of the Strategic Planning and Investments Department presented the Small and Medium-sized Business and Rural Development Program implemented by the municipality, which areas and costs are allocated to compensate for the funds of this program, who can receive this support. Later, there was a discussion during which the participants of the international project were interested not only in investment and entrepreneurship issues, but also in what measures the municipality uses to attract specialists and new investors, creating conditions for businesses not only to start their activities in Telšiai, but also to successfully expand them here.



Later, the participants visited the Samogitian Business Center, where they learned what kind of help and support young people who want to start their own business can get, and for those who want to get a job, how to correctly create and submit their resume and motivation letter. During the visit, the participants also participated in a quiz, during which they tested their knowledge about entrepreneurship and youth employment.

During the project week, the participants had the opportunity to meet with young people who have established businesses in the city of Telšiai and social business enterprises. During the meetings, young people not only learned and gained knowledge about the implementation of entrepreneurship ideas, but also tried their creativity by creating badges, pens and even constructing kites.



Various activities helped the youth to better understand the benefits of entrepreneurial skills and the importance of their development. So, on the last days of the project, mixed groups developed their business ideas and presented them to other teams. Afterwards, everyone voted for the best presented entrepreneurial ideas.

During the project, young people also learned to speak Turkish, Latvian, Polish, Lithuanian and even more complex Greek and Romanian languages. And in the evenings, they had the opportunity to get acquainted with the cultures and traditions of their countries through various games, dances and quizzes.
The project gave the youth more knowledge about entrepreneurship and opportunities for a young person or a person with a disability. The results of various activities and discussions will help them create and develop entrepreneurial ideas in communities where young people share their experiences. Thanks to this project, the partnership between the organizations has strengthened and new projects and joint activities are expected in the future.



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