Hello! My name is Angelina Melachrinou and I come from Greece. I had the chance to  participate in this gorgeous Erasmus program that was called “National Minorities: less in  number, equal in rights” and took place in Agros, a village located near Limassol, Cyprus from 2 to 10 November 2022. It was my first Erasmus program, and the experience was so unique that I definitely want to go to another program as soon as possible!





Few words about the project 

In this project, we were 4 countries: Greece, Cyprus, Armenia and Egypt. We discussed a lot about minorities, an important topic nowadays due to refugee crisis, and how we can include them to the society without showing racism and xenophobia. Our activities and workshops were focused on discrimination, refugee crisis, integration and inclusion and  opportunities and difficulties that refugees and migrants face. We also talked about the  stereotypes of each one of the 4 countries. I was informed about the situation in other countries,  and I learned a lot of new and useful things.


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 Cyprus is a beautiful country, and I am glad that I had the chance to visit it. To be more  specific, Agros is a very nice village. It has a rose factory, some cafeterias and restaurants and  is a good choice to spend some days for peace and relaxation. We also visited Limassol and  Nicosia, two amazing cities. We saw museums and tasted local food. 


Intercultural night 

 Each country presented their traditions, sightseeing and local food. I tasted Cypriot,  Armenian and Egyptian food and it was so tasty. Also, we danced traditional dances. It was  super! 



 During this project, I made new friends, that are true and loyal. I learned a lot about their  countries and their languages. I hope we can meet again, why not in another Erasmus program. 




To sum up, this was a huge opportunity for me, and I feel blessed for being there. For me,  this is an experience that everyone must have at least once in their lifetime. This was only the  beginning, a very good one. To the next programs, so! 




I recently took part in a youth exchange program in Cyprus, related to national minorities. Since it was my first Erasmus+ program I didn’t know what to expect. I can easily say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I got the chance to get in touch with different cultures, find out their lifestyle and delicious cuisines. Erasmus+ is about learning to love and accept diversity and that’s exactly what I felt during the whole program. 

Also, the place where we lived was magical. It helped us to do our activities, be in touch with nature and enjoy beautiful landscapes. The highlight of my trip was for sure the people that I met. I made friendships, shared emotions, moments that I will remember a lifetime. The activities of the project were very creative. They made me discover myself a bit more and be more social. Overall, this whole experience made me gain insight on social issues, find solutions and fight discrimination. It was one of those experiences that changed my mindset and made me more self-reflective. I am looking forward to the next one!





The best experience in my life has a name and it's called Erasmus plus.


I recently returned back home from my first Erasmus plus project. I always wanted to be a part of this, but I didn't know if I could do it. And finally, I did it. It was the best experience I've ever had. This experience is incomparable because of the people that participated. People from other countries, with different ethics and beliefs, unique individuals who want to live life and meet others. Thoughtful, caring, intelligent people made my experience unforgettable. It made me change my mind about humankind. My first program was about National Minorities, and it was a life changing journey. We arrived in Argos, Cyprus and the adventure began. 


So many great moments to cherish. Great fun team building exercises, ice breaking games, enlightening workshops and my personal favorite “Culture Nights”. Each and every one of those made an impact on me because it got closer to the feeling of being a part of a multicultural family. We also got to spend some free time to explore Cyprus which gave me the feeling that I was traveling along with my best friends. 


There are many people willing to help you and of course a team leader and organizers to make it simple. All you have to do is find the suitable program for you, apply and once you get accepted save all documentation. As the list goes on and on, everything must come to an end. And with the end comes the appreciation of this journey. Once you get on that plane, bus or train you realize you will never be the same again.



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Taking advantage of the opportunity offered by Praxis in collaboration with Erasmus plus, we formed a group of 10 people, with the aim of visiting Cyprus for 9 days with the National Minorities program. The program included very interesting activities.  More specifically, the purpose was to work collectively in groups, in order to learn to function as part of a whole and not individually and to develop our social and communication skills.  

Through games, debates and various other activities we came into contact with people from Cyprus and two other countries that are outside the EU.  (Egypt and Armenia), which made the program even more interesting. A special experience for me was the workshop we undertook as a Greek group on the topic: "Refugee crisis in Europe and Integration/inclusion". Corresponding workshops were undertaken by the rest of the countries, in order to process the above problems and to study the consequences they had in each country separately, but also at the European and International level.





Even though this was not my first Erasmus project, it will surely reserve a special place in my mind and heart. All the feelings come rushing back every time I remember all the beautiful moments, we shared with people in unique ways, only made possible, by this experience. The relationships forged during this week are the kind that live through time and will surely flourish once we meet again. 

The knowledge we gained has such an enriching impact on all of us because it helped us come into the following understanding; We found out that we all share the same core which is enriched by the colorful veil of diversity. Such experiences don’t come often enough in life, and I sure am grateful for this amazing opportunity which broadened my horizons, expanded my mindset and gave me the chance to meet incredible people in those touching and impactful couple of days. 





Recently I participated in my first Erasmus+ program by Praxis in Cyprus. It was a lifetime experience. I don’t know how, but so many people from different countries and backgrounds made such a joyful group, maybe the ice breaking games and the team building games helped us there, but overall, it was the Erasmus vibe that connected us all so well.

The intercultural nights were amazing and interesting since every country got to present their culture. Also, the workshops were very informative. I really liked the multicultural character of the project and I believe that participating was the best way to learn about other religions and countries. Last but not least the two daytrips we had in Limassol and Nicosia were very beautiful and enjoyable. I’m going to miss those days in Cyprus and the people I met there. 





At the beginning, it was my first time in an Erasmus plus program and I was excessively excited, because I looked forward to start a new experience. I was not sure about what to expect from the program, but surely, I wanted to come into contact with people from different countries and cultures and learn interesting things from them. This was a challenge for me to be out of my comfort zone and gave me the opportunity to acquire more knowledge and spend quality time with people there.

So, through the activities we learn about each other better and I felt more comfortable with them. Moreover, I became more familiar about the topic, which is an important issue that everyone should be aware and sensitized. I learned deeply some things that nowhere else would I have the opportunity to do this.

One of my greatest memories was from the last day when we have as an activity to write for each other some things in order to keep something from everyone. I feel really lucky to have a lifetime experience and to meet this fantastic people. I would like to go in another Erasmus program as soon as possible. I truly recommend to everyone with the first chance to participate in a program, you have nothing to lose!





It was a nice project because I met new people from different countries that I am so lucky to call them my friends. I learned a lot about their culture and their history.

Also, the cities of Cyprus are beautiful.




I have travelled many times with Erasmus+ but this was the first time to visit Cyprus, an island with a rich history. We arrived at Larnaca’s airport early in the morning and grasped the opportunity to visit the city centre before we headed off to our destination, Agros village. First things first, we went to the hotel, and we quickly settled into our rooms. We were in a hurry to meet the participants from Egypt since they have arrived earlier than us. The days in Agros were truly beautiful and flew by fast. The mornings and late afternoons were occupied with seminars, resting time was after lunch and our evenings were reserved for having fun and getting to know the other participants more.

We got to participate in two excursions, one in Limassol and the other to Nicosia. In Limassol we visited an imposing castle and in Nicosia, the Presidential Palace and the House of Representatives.

I met some really nice and open- minded people. The Egyptians are extremely fun and great at partying and with the Armenians I got to have some really thought provoking and deep conversations. One thing is clear to me, this youth exchange will be unforgettable for so many reasons: from going through a sudden storm together to getting food poisoning. 

 Saying goodbye to the people that I met was difficult, but this exchange has given me invaluable experience, and to express it the Greek way “It has given me 20 kilos of experience”.  Personally, I do not know if I will do another Erasmus+ program because I would like to settle down, but I am sure that you who reads this CAN!!